Google Workspace for freelancers expands to Europe

The Mountain View company has announced the availability of Google Workspace Individual in Europe. This expansion follows a first launch operated across the Atlantic a year earlier.

Google Workspace Individual conquers Europe

Once reserved for businesses of all sizes, Google had extended its suite of productivity tools to freelancers. The classic offer includes many administration parameters intended for IT teams. Options rarely compatible with the needs or expectations of people working alone.

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Google Workspace Individual is thus better suited for shop owners, liberals, coaches, freelancers, or any other independent activity. In particular, they could benefit from tools for making appointments and creating newsletters in Gmail. Others have popped up along the way, like Google Meet conference sharing on YouTube. An electronic signature function should soon appear in Google Docs.

In its announcement, the firm remains discreet about the number of users gleaned thanks to this offer. [Google ne nous a pas encore répondu]but it is certain that a launch in six new countries, on another continent, should contribute to its growth.

In Europe, Google Workspace Individual is therefore offered at a price of €8.99 per month. In the business offers, counted per user and per month, we find cheaper, but with fewer options. The Business Starter offer is €4.68, followed by Business Standard at €9.36, and finally Business Plus at €15.60.

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