Gueye, a departure to Everton with severance pay?

Not long ago, we were able to indicate that Idrissa Gueye, 32-year-old midfielder under contract until 2023, is one of the players that Paris Saint-Germain is pushing towards the exit this summer. A prospect has arrived recently with interest from Everton, where he played from 2016 to 2019. There was even talk of a close transfer as the two clubs reportedly have an agreement. This Tuesday, several media assured that the file should be completed soon. According to Mark Douglas (iPapersport)it is indeed soon settled but that with an agreement between the player and the PSG for a dismissal indemnity.

“Gueye’s arrival at Everton is in the final stages, with the player having reached a severance package agreement with his club. This should pave the way for the return to Everton, which has always been his preference. That could be settled soon enough for him to play Notthingham Forest on Saturday. »

An announcement which is not impossible to believe, since the PSG is making certain efforts to complete the departures of its undesirables. However, we remain very careful while this formula would be a real surprise. Gueye has a certain value and it would be almost strange for Paris to agree to deprive itself of it. Except that it avoids having a player to manage while the staff does not count on him, with a salary to pay for nothing. We therefore wait for certainties. Many things are still possible.

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