Gueye, the halt to trading confirmed and detailed

Not long ago, we were able to indicate that Idrissa Gueye, 32-year-old midfielder under contract until 2023, is one of the players that Paris Saint-Germain is pushing towards the exit this summer. A prospect has arrived recently with interest from Everton, where he played from 2016 to 2019. There was even talk of a close transfer as the two clubs reportedly have an agreement. Recently, several media assured that the file should be closed soon. But RMC Sports announced this Friday that the negotiation between the two has been stopped by Everton. Which is confirmed by journalist Abdellah Boulma, with details.

There is certainty only with an official announcement, as we have seen in this file which changes regularly. So we keep a bit of caution. However, these claims are relatively credible and at least do not come by chance. We can think that the agreement is at least very difficult to find. And maybe it will be impossible. There is time left and the transfer window can go very quickly, so everything is still possible. It takes patience to reverse the outcome.

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