Here is the new NFT utility platform that wants to compete with Twitch and Youtube!

While the world of video games is booming, whether on the platform Twitch Or on Youtubewe see more and more content on different platforms or on different social networks.

However, it is not only the video games which are booming, indeed, in general all the content creators are growing, and more and more people are consuming content on the internet on various topics, ranging from entertainment to politics, for example.

Whereas YouTube and Twitch have almost a monopoly on the distribution of content creations, a new NFT utility platform wishes to compete with these latest platforms by adding new ways of monetize their content. Let’s see together which platform it is and how it wants to revolutionize content creation platforms.

New NFT utility platform that wants to compete with Twitch and Youtube

This new platform wants to compete with Youtube and Twitch that we were talking to you about previously is “PlayNFT”. In addition, this new platform wants to offer a whole new way to monetize their work and offer branded NFTs that have utility for their community. PlayNFT has been supported by various major cryptocurrency players such as, for example, XRP, Velas, Near and Stacks.

“The development could provide the new platform with a access to growing pool of online creatorsincluding Twitch’s 9.2 million streamers and YouTube’s 51 million content creators,” PlayNFT said in a statement.

Also the new platform counts added the TikTok social network this third trimester.

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“PlayNFT will enable creators to meaningfully engage their audiences and infuse their NFTs with utility and value in a collaborative and accessible way,” said Xavier Moore, who is the CEO of the new PlayNFT platform, he also adds. that Game-changing NFTs to attach real value to the content. »

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