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his return, the World Cup, Mbappé… Strong messages from Giroud!

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While Olivier Giroud made a convincing return to the France team during the September rally, the AC Milan striker is now hoping to secure Didier Deschamps’ call-up. In an interview with the Team on Tuesday, the Milan striker talks about his return, his chances of being called up to Qatar and the Mbappé case.

On his absence in June

“At the time, there is a certain frustration. But, honestly, it may have been a blessing in disguise. As I said, I was coming out of a tough final with AC Milan in the title race and this relentless fight all year. I compensated for this frustration of not being called up to the Blues with a long period of rest and a lot of time with my family. »

On his return in September

“I still took great pleasure in coming back. I had a blast on the pitch for the first match against Austria (2-0). The second in Denmark took place under different circumstances (0-2). (..) Overall, personally, I’m happy. »

On his relationship with Mbappé

“People interpret things as they want. The most important thing is to show that it works well on the ground. But I don’t think the coach had any particular concerns at this level. We were world champions together. There is a proven relationship. Kylian said things. Both of us are competitors. We want to win. I like it. »

On his chances of being in Qatar

“I don’t have a percentage to give. I demonstrated what needed to be demonstrated. I did my best to be there. I put all the chances on my side. Now, place in Milan! »

On his role in the group

“I feel like an elder who can still contribute. I also hope to be a big brother who always wants to pass on and share his experience with the youngest. That’s what I also do at AC Milan. »

to summarize

Olivier Giroud, the striker of the France team, confided in length in the columns of the Team. The opportunity to take stock of his situation. And to send clear messages both about his presence with the Blues and the Mbappé case.

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