Home automation enters a new dimension

1. All-connected

For Philippe Piot, the real novelty in terms of home automation in recent years is the total interconnection of the various objects in the house. “Lighting, opening shutters, heating, household appliances, access, energy management… Home automation now integrates all the systems used in the house, thanks to solutions such as the Procyon box from Clesyde.”

2. Better managed energy

To reduce the costs related to energy, but also for ecological reasons, equipment allowing to precisely evaluate its consumption and its needs, then to optimize the energy production, are massively installed. “This applies to electricity, water, fuel oil, gas…”, specifies Philippe Piot.

3. A smart shower

In terms of water saving, new products are arriving on the market, such as the shower developed by the Insens brand. Fitted with a buffer tank, it notably supplies water directly at the ideal temperature, avoiding water wastage during heating.

4. Connected furniture

Technology is now making its way into office furniture. By integrating connectivity solutions (interactive touch surfaces, screens, USB ports, wireless chargers), it now combines utility with aesthetics. “Office furniture is becoming an interactive member of work teams,” enthuses Philippe Piot.

5. Optical presence sensors

Today, optical sensors allow much finer adjustment of lighting. “A single sensor can cover about 50m2 and dividing the space into several zones. The system can then illuminate only the areas where there is presence, adapt the atmosphere…”, explains Philippe Piot, who quotes ThePixa KNX from the firm Theben.

6. Leap forward for video recognition

Video recognition devices have also evolved considerably. “The systems now know how to identify whether it is an animal, a vehicle or a human being, for example,” says the director of Home Sweet Dom. Facial recognition for access has also been developed: no more need for keys to go home!”

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