How Albert 2 Pro Foot 3D Scanning Technology Is Used By Performance Labs

In October 202, the company Aetrexspecializing in 3D foot scanning technology, unveiled foot scanning technology Albert 2 Pro, an advanced device designed to improve the performance of its partners’ fit and footwear product development systems. The Albert 2 is part of a portfolio that also includes Albert 3DFita 3D foot scanner designed for the retail industry.

One of the partners who is already using this new product is BOA Technology Inc, maker of the BOA® Fit System, which is transforming the way snowboarders fit their boots. Since the launch of its Performance Fit Lab four years ago, BOA used the Albert 2 Pro to scan athletes’ unique feet, collecting key 3D data as well as biomechanical data through motion capture, force plates, and more. In addition to using scan data to select and recruit testers with a foot shape well suited to the lab, BOA analyzes the data to optimize how the BOA Fit System integrates with the shoe to wrap the foot securely. safety, which allows to obtain the best performances.

If we understand where along the length of the shoe the average instep is highest, we can design our panels to lock in that area.” , said Dan FeeneyPh.D., director of the Biomechanics Research & Performance Fit Lab. “Similarly, we use the length from the heel to the metatarsophalangeal joints to determine where our last panel should end. Thus, we ensure that footwear from industry-leading partner brands receive the maximum performance benefits of the BOA Fit System.. »

BOA’s Performance Fit Lab scanned over 300 athletes with the Albert 2 Pro and conducted performance tests in the segments of golf, court, trail run, hiking, workwear, skiing, snowboarding and cycling. BOA found that setups with an enveloping structure powered by the BOA Fit System improved athletic performance (agility and speed) by up to 9%, according to a white paper published by Footwear Science.

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