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How do I run a Q&A session in Google Meet?

If you’ve ever been to a meeting where no one asked a question, you’re probably in the minority. Questions are common in Google Meet calls, just like in any other meeting. So make it easier for your participants by organizing a Q&A session.

When you enable the Q&A feature during a Google Meet meeting, participants can ask written questions throughout the meeting. This allows you to work through the questions at your own pace, when there is a topic transition, or if a specific question applies at that time.

You can then filter the questions, increase one, hide it or remove it, and solve a question by providing the answer. Best of all, you get a report at the end of Google Meet, with questions asked and actions taken.

Enabling the Q&A feature in Google Meet

To activate the Q&A feature and start the questions, launch Google Meet, click on the Activities icon in the bottom right, then choose “Q&A”.

How to Conduct a Poll in Google Meet

Q&A in the activity list

Click on “Enable Q&A”.

Enable Q&A in Google Meet

To adjust the settings, click the gear icon in the top right. You can then control the toggle buttons for Allow questions in Q&As, which should be enabled when answering questions, and Allow anonymous questions (Q&As) to accept questions without the participants’ names.

Q&A commands in Google Meet

Use the X in the top right to close Settings and return to your full meeting screen.
How participants ask a question

As a participant, you can ask a question at any time during the Google Meet meeting, once the host has enabled this feature.

Click the Activities icon at the bottom right. Choose “Q&A”, then “Ask a question” at the bottom right of the sidebar.

Ask a question in Google Meet

Enter your question and select “Post”. If the host allows nameless questions, you can choose to “Post anonymously” if you wish.

Post a question in Google Meet

You, the participants and the organizer will then see your question appear in the Activities > Questions section.

To see questions from other participants, rate one up or delete one of yours, return to the Activities > Questions section.

Sélectionnez le menu déroulant Afficher et choisissez "Toutes les questions" pour afficher les questions de tout le monde ou "Mes questions" pour afficher uniquement les vôtres.
Sélectionnez le menu déroulant Trier par pour trier les questions par ordre d'ancienneté, de nouveauté ou de popularité.
Sélectionnez l'icône Vote positif (pouce en l'air) pour voter en faveur d'une question.
Sélectionnez l'icône Supprimer (corbeille) pour supprimer une de vos propres questions.

List of participant questions with actions

To view and manage questions asked by attendees, click the Activities icon and choose “Questions”.

Select the Show drop-down box to filter the questions and the Sort by drop-down box to sort them. Then choose a question from the list to do one of the following:

Sélectionnez l'icône Masquer (œil) pour masquer une question.
Sélectionnez l'icône Vote positif pour voter en faveur d'une question.
Sélectionnez l'icône Supprimer pour supprimer une question. Les questions supprimées apparaissent toujours dans le rapport Questions.
Sélectionnez l'icône Marquer comme répondu (coche) pour marquer une question comme répondue.

List of questions from the host with actions

At the end of the meeting, you will receive an email with a link and an attachment for the question report.

Click either the Questions link or the attachment icon to view the report that opens in Google Sheets.

Questions report email in Gmail

You’ll see a Q&A tab that contains all questions asked during Google Meet. You can see the question, author, timestamp, upvotes, and other actions that have been taken per question.

Report on questions in Google Sheets

Allowing questions using Google Meet’s Q&A feature is a good way to encourage interaction during your meeting. Plus, you can troubleshoot, help your attendees, or provide details your group needs.

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