How to find your smartphone with Google Maps

Android allows its users to locate their device on Google Maps in case of loss or theft.

If you own an Android smartphone, have lost it or had it stolen, good news. It is possible to geolocate it on Google Maps. Note that only devices running Android 8.0 or higher can take advantage of this feature.

The “Find My Device” function, “Find my device” in French, is integrated by default into the operating system. First, you have to go to your phone’s settings, then select “Security”, and “Find my device”. Next step: activate the switch to allow location. It is possible to perform the procedure on the web application. If the location function is not active, Google Maps will show the last location seen during the search. After launching the Find My Device application, you must log in with your Google account and grant all the permissions requested by the application. Note that the lost phone must have an active Internet connection to enable its location.

Then, in case of loss or theft of the device, all that remains is to:

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Go to
  • Locate the lost phone on Google Maps, indicated with a green icon

If the geolocation function does not work, it is possible to ring the phone, lock it, or erase it permanently.

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