How to integrate Google Drive into your Slack workspace?

Slack is one of the most popular business chat platforms. It makes it easy to stay up to date with its various missions and to communicate instantly with its employees.

Slack is a collaborative work tool for businesses of all sizes. It provides a collaborative platform that allows your teams to communicate better in their projects.

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If you also work daily with Google tools, and more specifically with Google Drive, then you might be interested in linking Google Drive to Slack.

With this integration, you will benefit from a simplified working ecosystem and receive notifications for file access requests and any other issues. To top it all off, integrating Google Drive into Slack is incredibly simple. For those who depend on these two platforms, combining them in this way is a no-brainer.

The demo here will rely on the Slack desktop app. However, you can also perform this process through the app’s web interface.

How to integrate Google Drive into Slack

1. Open Slack

The first thing to do is obviously to open Slack.

Image: Corentin Béchade.

Then go to a workspace where you have permission to install apps. If you don’t have permission to install apps on your workspace, you can either ask the admin to do it, or ask them for permission to install apps.

2. Add the Google Drive app

Once in your workspace, go to the section Apps in the left side menu.

Click on Add apps : You should see Google Drive appear in the list. If not, type “Google Drive” in the search box at the top of the window.

Image: Corentin Béchade.

Click on the tab Aboutthen on Configuration. The Google Drive app page will then open in your default web browser. On this page, click Authenticate your Google Drive account.

Image: Corentin Béchade.

You will then be prompted to select the Google account you want to use and accept the app permissions. As soon as you connect your account, you’ll receive an alert from Slack that you’ve added Google Drive to the workspace.

How to use Google Drive in Slack

To use Google Drive in Slack, click the icon + in any message field. If you type Google in the search box at the top of the window, you will then see the options available.

Image: Corentin Béchade.

From this menu, you can create a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation in Google Drive. You can also simply share a file from your Google Drive account. Click on the option of your choice and configure it as you see fit. Slack will automatically open your web browser to the document you want to create.

If you opt to upload a previously created file to Google Drive, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to navigate to Google Drive and upload the desired file.

The Google Drive file picker from Slack.

Picture: Jack Wallen.

That’s all there is to integrating Google Drive with Slack. If you use these two services, simplify your life and connect them to each other to make your daily life easier.


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