How to Manage Apps Connected to Your Google Drive

When you install add-ons for Google apps such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, or Forms, you may need to allow access to your Google Drive. Here’s how to view and manage apps connected to your Google Drive.

Permission to access your Google Drive may include the ability to create, edit, or open files, as well as view documents in which you use the add-on. You can view and manage apps connected to your Google Drive, make them default, view their product pages, or disconnect them.


Visit the Google Drive and sign in with your Google account. Select the gear icon in the top right and choose “Settings”.

Settings in the gear menu

In the pop-up window, choose “Manage apps” on the left. You will then see these apps connected to Google Drive on the right.

Manage apps in Google Drive settings

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One option you have for a connected app is to make it the default. For example, if you have a PDF extension, you can set a specific application to open your default PDF file instead of taking the step to select it as shown below.

Google Drive Open with menu

To do this, check the Use as default box next to the application.

Use default check box

You’ll notice several Google apps that are already marked as defaults, such as Google Docs, Earth, and Forms. You can uncheck the box next to this app if you prefer to use something else.

Google apps connected to Google Drive

Another action you can take is to view an app’s product page. This is fine if you can’t remember the details of the extension or want to review its permissions. Select the Options drop-down menu to the right of the app and choose “Show Product Page”.

Show product page in an app's Options menu

You will then head to the app’s page in Google Workspace Marketplace. When you’re done reviewing the details, use the X to close the Marketplace and return to the Manage apps section in the Settings window.

App product page in Google Workspace Marketplace

The Google apps you see in the list don’t have this action in the Options menu. And you might actually see the Options drop-down menu unavailable for those.

If you decide to disconnect an app from your Google Drive, it only takes a few clicks. Select the Options drop-down menu and choose “Disconnect from Player”.

Sign out of Drive in an app's Options menu

Confirm this action by selecting “Disconnect” in the pop-up window.

Disconnect confirmation message

Once you disconnect an app from Google Drive, you should no longer see it in the service’s Add-ons or Extensions menu or in the Open With menu for Google Drive files.

Open With menu before and after disconnecting an application

Note: If you see an app in the Extensions menu after disconnecting it, for example in Google Docs, you’ll need to reinstall it to use it.

When you’re done reviewing or taking an action on a connected app, select “Done” in the top right to close the settings.

Maybe you want to make an app the default for particular files or remove access from tools you no longer use. Either way, it’s a good idea to occasionally review apps connected to your Google Drive.

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