How to record a call with Google Voice

This article explains how to record a call with Google Voice, how to retrieve recorded calls from Google servers, and privacy issues.

You can record your calls on your computer, smartphone or other portable device. Google Voice can ring multiple phones when a call comes in, so the option is open on all devices. Since the registration mechanism is server-based, you don’t need anything extra in terms of hardware or software.

Google does not enable call recording by default to prevent people using touchscreen devices from accidentally recording a call without realizing it. (Yes, it’s as simple as that). For this reason, you need to enable call recording before you can use it.

Connectez-vous à votre compte Google Voice en ligne.

Cliquez sur l'icône d'engrenage en haut de l'écran pour ouvrir le menu Paramètres.

Sélectionnez Appels dans la barre latérale gauche.

Activez les Options des appels entrants pour activer l'enregistrement vocal. Même si l'enregistrement des appels est maintenant activé, vos appels ne sont pas enregistrés automatiquement.

Pour enregistrer un appel, appuyez sur 4 sur l'onglet de composition après que tout le monde soit en communication. Pour arrêter l'enregistrement, appuyez à nouveau sur 4. La partie de la conversation comprise entre les deux pressions sur le 4 est automatiquement sauvegardée sur le serveur Google. 

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Access to your saved file

Access any recorded call by logging into your account. Select the Recorded menu item to display a list of your recorded calls. Each call is identified by a timestamp and the duration of the recording. Read it directly or choose to email it to someone, download it to your computer or device, or embed it in a page. The menu button in the upper right corner lists all of these options.

While all of this is easy and convenient, it poses a serious privacy issue.

When you call someone on their Google Voice number, they can record your conversation without you knowing. The recording is stored on the Google server and can be broadcast to other places. This risk is enough to make some callers reluctant to place calls to Google Voice numbers.

If you’re worried, make sure you can trust the people you call or be careful what you say. You can also search for a number to find out if you’re calling a Google Voice account. It’s not easy, because many people transfer their numbers.

If you plan to record a phone call, tell the other party before the call and get their consent. In many countries and some US states, it is illegal to record private conversations without the prior consent of all parties involved.

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