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Igor Tudor (OM), after OM-OL: “We had to fight”

“Is this victory a relief, a moral comfort, after a delicate month of October for you and your men?
Yes, it was an important, special match, especially in this period when we didn’t really get what we deserved. We really dominated them in the first half, we had a second half with a big heart, it was difficult, we had to fight. There was the desire to breathe, the desire to suffer, to take the three points at all costs, we felt it among the holders, as among the players who entered.

The game leaned more to the left, on the side of Nuno Tavares. How do you explain it?
There was no indication from me, generally, both sides are played with the same intentions, equally. Afterwards, in the second half, it’s true that we didn’t play much with the ball, there was this desire to keep the three points.

“It was beautiful to see, in the locker room, this desire for boys”

Did you think about bringing in a deep player, like Bamba Dieng, in the second half, when the team was not creating chances? History to bring speed in front and to make go up the block.
It was better to have a Guendouzi, a Gerson or a Payet on the field, rather than a Bamba, for the configuration of the moment, when we no longer necessarily had control of the ball. With Bamba in front, Sanchez would have been behind, on the right or on the left, it was not necessarily what the game demanded at that time. We also saw it in the first period, with Ünder and Harit: without Guendouzi, we lose a little fluidity with the ball, quality in the game with possession. Mattéo is a fundamental player for us, after that it happens that he does not start in the starting XI, because I have other players at my disposal.

What do you think of the defensive solidity of your team, during this match?
Pau Lopez is serious, strong, it’s wonderful to have him with us. The heart, the desire, the character of the players made the difference tonight. Without these characteristics, we would not have won the game. It was beautiful to see, in the locker room, this desire for boys.


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