In Luxembourg: The mystery remains whole for the Google project in Bissen


In Luxembourg The mystery remains whole for the Google project in Bissen

BISSEN – Google BeLux indicates this Thursday that the rezoning of the site is complete and that it is ready for further development, without saying more.

Google has purchased 33 hectares of land in Bissen to set up its data center there.

Roger Infalt/Editpress

Will there actually be a smaller project for Google’s data center in Bissen? Google BeLux indicates in any case this Thursday that the “rezoning of the site is finished”, reports RTL. “It’s ready for further development, but at this time we have nothing new to announce in the development process.” The essential the multinational’s spokesperson for Belgium and Luxembourg. Asked to try to find out more, the Ministry of the Economy and the municipality of Bissen could not be reached immediately.

Last May, Franz Fayot, the LSAP Minister of the Economy, explained to the deputies that the American giant’s project on the Klengbousbierg site was going to be “reassessed”. In March, Google had as such obtained “the legal certainty that the PAG of the municipality can be reclassified”.

As a reminder, in 2017 the American firm acquired 32 hectares in Bissen, adjoining the Klengbousbierg industrial zone, and had considered an investment that could have approached one billion euros. But the American firm then injected 500 million euros into Saint-Ghislain and announced a data center at the Ecopôle de Farciennes, in Wallonia (Belgium). “In the worst case, if the project were abandoned, the state has a right of first refusal on the land and can buy it back at the price at which Google acquired it,” the ministry said.


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