India is developing facial surveillance technology that works with a mask: here are the use cases

The Indian government has developed a facial recognition system that can identify anti -social elements with or without disguise, with facial masks or monkey caps, even in low resolution images in limited areas as well as public places.

The Ministry of Defense (MOD), in its latest report entitled “AI in Defense”, revealed the facial recognition system under disguise (FRSD), as well as other AI -based systems, mainly developed for the Indian army.

“Facial recognition in the wild” on surveillance camera feeds is a difficult problem to solve due to the low resolution of the images captured by the cameras.

This problem becomes even more difficult to solve with the added complexity of various facial disguises, crowd occlusions and varied illuminations.

According to the MOD report, the FRSD algorithm has been formed in such a way that the facial recognition system can see through several disguises such as facial masks, beard, mustache, wigs, sunglasses, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves monkey caps and hats, etc.

Apart from disguises, the system also takes into account different lighting conditions, shadows on the face, crowd occlusions, etc.

“The system can be deployed in restricted/secured areas for live video surveillance purposes. It can also be deployed in public places to recognize anti-social elements,” the report said.

The algorithm can also be used by security agencies for robust face search across large repositories.

The system is designed for scalability across multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) and servers. Additionally, the system is optimized to ensure maximum GPU utilization and can therefore support multiple surveillance cameras on a single GPU.

The system comes with a flexible video analysis series with a number of additional surveillance applications such as counting people, geolocation, fire detection and collision detection, the report explains.

Another AI -based solution called the research system is an autonomous facial recognition system, surveillance, monitoring and analysis for the identification and monitoring of threats for the fight against terrorism, continuous surveillance and monitoring of disturbed areas.

Additionally, the system can be used to provide state-of-the-art security for critical military/civilian establishments and surveillance at border crossing points.

“The analysis module fueled by AI allows the processing of intelligence data from various sources to identify and follow the movements of terrorists and anti-national elements thanks to a precise information collection,” indicates the report of the report Department of Defense.

The defense industry is taking concrete steps to transform the armed forces into one of the most advanced in the world.

The introduction of autonomy in weapons systems, in the ISR (intelligence, surveillance and recognition), data management, can be a huge asset to stop terrorism, put in place anti -terrorist measures, protect the soldiers.

“In fact, AI in defense can change combat and conflict at the deepest levels,” the report says.

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