Innovation & Startup: Google improves the Play Store

Google is constantly looking to improve the experience of its users. However, the American giant has just taken new measures for the Play Store. It is the temple of downloading applications for android users. Now, however, the rules have been changed to protect consumers.

Consumer protection

Google has decided to change the rules for distributing applications in the Play Store. Indeed, we learn that applications considered misleading or those that display full-screen advertising will soon disappear. The time to give creators the opportunity to modify these features.

Google has been working for several years to stop malware with an AI-based antivirus. Unfortunately to date the results have not lived up to expectations, and fake misleading applications abound on the Play Store. So we had to find a solution!

Measures against developers

Some developers are unscrupulous and do not make the right decisions. They lead to the downloading of applications which are sometimes dangerous or misleading for users. Software and apps that mislead consumers will be permanently removed from the Play Store.

However, Google also works on the user’s side, believing that the user should exercise caution when downloading. Even if the protection measures seem optimal, flaws are possible! What is certain is that new information will be made available to users, in particular concerning the protection of children. Google does not take these measures lightly and hopes to see good results very quickly. To be continued…

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