Israeli tech companies resume recruitment in Ukraine

The relative calm in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine has prompted Israeli tech companies to resume recruitment in the country, the daily reports. Israel Hayom.

Optimove, which develops marketing technologies for companies with existing customers, currently employs 30 Ukrainians in Kyiv and Vinnytsia, some of whom have been promoted to team leaders.

Due to the war, many companies ceased their activities in Ukraine. Optimove has provided its employees with a stable job and salary so that they can support their families and develop their careers.

The company also welcomed workers who had to travel for security reasons or who were forced to interrupt their work because of the sirens. Some employees said they had to work despite the sirens, and another employee said his house had been hit by a shell.

“Our workers know that we support them from afar and that they can take their time”, testified Renana Levin, HR Business Partner at Optimove.

Gaming company SciPlay recently launched a recruitment campaign in Ukraine looking for animators. The company employs 700 people worldwide, and 52 in the war-torn country.

“We recently recruited seven Ukrainian employees who joined the company, and as part of the campaign we will recruit another 17. We are ensuring that Ukrainian employees enjoy the same conditions as all other employees, including bonuses and benefits.”

“Over the past few months, we have organized a number of projects of financial and moral support for Ukrainian citizens through initiatives from both the company and employees around the world,” said Mayan Eisner Rosenman, Head of human resources at SciPlay.

Digital product demo startup Walnut is also recruiting Ukrainian employees. The company boasted of its flexibility and understanding of the situation of employees in the country and even helped some of them find accommodation.

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