L1: this PSG is scary

Large winner of Clermont (0-5) and Montpellier (5-2), Paris Saint-Germain pulvris Lille (1-7), Sunday in Ligue 1. A new card for the club of the capital, which displays a level game and a serious game very rarely seen in recent years.

Ramos and Hakimi feast in Paris.

See you in February/March for a new rout , it’s in the Champions League that you have to do a … With each victory of Paris Saint-Germain, these speeches abound, to the point of no longer savoring the good domestic performances.

A perpetual evaluation of Ligue 1, where the capital club, unlike other European teams, has not always wandered. Very often his fault, by the way. But we must admit that for two weeks, the wind has turned enormously.

When things are simpler…

Christophe Galtier will not say it and has also refused to admit it: he has not asked his players to remain invincible this season in the league. Does he need to say it or do it given their recent performances? Not really. To do this, just make things simple. A tactic that sticks to the qualities of the players, the players in their place, stability with an eleven-type that does not change or changes very little and clear instructions for making the effort, with or without the ball. Nothing more. Things that his predecessor never managed to put in place, and this is true a little more today.

After only three days, the ten times champion of France has already made the hole. Not from an accounting point of view, since Olympique Lyonnais, in the event of success against Lorient during its late match, could also be a big hit. But especially in the minds. With 17 goals already scored, as many as Lens, 2nd, Marseille, 3rd, and Rennes, second best attack last season, Paris has already sent a clear message to other Ligue 1 teams: the price is at least 5, for the moment. Clermont (0-5), Montpellier (5-2) and Lille (1-7) have already had bitter experience of this during the month of August.

Galtier manages his boat perfectly

Can PSG continue on this spear? There’s no reason that shouldn’t be the case. With stars in tune and a very solid bench made up of players who can take over without losing too much in quality, the Ile-de-France ogre finally has a group complete enough to play on all fronts. And above all, from a coach who is not afraid to say things to allow everyone to pull in the same direction. Even after a mini-storm between two players who were directly involved in six of their team’s seven goals in the North.

We had a perfect week at work, perfect on the game plan, perfect on the intensity and on what a team should be, with the behavior a team should have. I had no apprehension before the match but I was eager to see if this perfect week was going to give a perfect match, it did. , noted the Parisian manager at a press conference. Monaco, which has just taken four against Lens, is already crossing its fingers to hope that this PSG does not have another perfect week before their reunion on Sunday.

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