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Lacoste continues its immersion in Web3 with a new NFT drop

In the continuity of its Web3 UNDW3 project, the Lacoste brand announces the upcoming release of an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) airdrop for Genesis Pass holders. Thus, holders will be awarded the first of a long series of rewards, both physical and virtual.

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Lacoste arrives with a new NFT collection

Following the success of the first drop of its UNDW3 collection (pronounced underwater), the iconic French brand Lacoste continues its immersion in the waters of Web3 with her new collection “The Emerge”.

With the initial launch of 11,212 non-fungible tokens (NFT) delivering a “Genesis Pass” last June on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, the crocodile brand is now continuing its innovative experience combining the physical and digital world to allow holders to be rewarded and play a role in the future of the world famous brand.

Holders of these NFTs will very soon be rewarded with Lacoste’s new airdrop, PFP-type NFTs (profile picture, or profile photo) with unique and varied attributes. The latter, whose visuals are still secret, will be in the effigy of a crocodile wearing iconic pieces from the Lacoste wardrobe.

Always keen to actively involve its community in the development of the project, Lacoste has allowed NFT Genesis holders to define some traits of this new collection. These attributes proposed and voted on by the community include a gold crocodile chain, a type of skin (ghost skin) or a vintage tennis bag.

Note that some of these new PFP NFTs will benefit from rare traits: 250 of them will have a specific attribute still secret which will allow their holders to have access to exclusive early access to future Lacoste releases. Furthermore, Another 100 will benefit from another, rarer traitwhich will give them access to a Lacoste UNDW3 polo shirt.

You can find the Genesis Pass NFTs directly on the OpenSea platform on the page dedicated to the UNDW3 project.

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The beginning of a long adventure in Web3

A month after the launch of the Genesis collection, in July, 50 holders of these NFTs had the privilege of participating in a private event happening at the store flagship of Lacoste in the heart of the Champs-Élysées. The latter had been given, exclusively, the first series of UNDW3 polo shirts with the emblematic crocodile logo.

Recently, the brand unveiled the roadmap for the UNDW3 project, and this one has many surprises in store for its Web3 community.

Roadmap UNDW3

UNDW3 official roadmap

Although no details have yet been revealed and we only have the right to a few clues, from many physical as well as virtual rewards are to be expectedas well as various events.

Finally, note that the “multi-holders”, namely the holders of several NFT Genesis Pass, will be favored for future airdrops and will have a better chance of receiving merchandise Official UNDW3.

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