Lei Jun reveals several details regarding the “Xiaomi Pilot” technology

Lei Jun reveals several details regarding the “Xiaomi Pilot” technology

The Xiaomi Group has officially revealed today the progress of its “Xiaomi Pilot” technology. This is the first announcement made in this direction by the group, and this since its decision to embark on the production of intelligent electric vehicles in March 2021. Xiaomi plans to invest no less than 3.3 billion RMB for finance the first phase of R&D of its autonomous driving technology. The group has already mobilized a large team of more than 500 world-class professionals in the field of R&D. It has also made a whole series of acquisitions and strategic investments upstream and downstream in various companies, with the aim of gradually developing its medium and long-term industrial capabilities in the field of autonomous driving.

During a recent press conference, Xiaomi released live video testing of its self-driving technology on the road. The technology developed by Xiaomi is based on very advanced algorithms which make it possible to manage a very complete list of scenarios of all kinds. “The self-driving technology developed by Xiaomi is based on an algorithm that is capable of self-development,” said Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

An investment of 3.3 billion RMB planned in a first phase of R&D, with the recruitment of confirmed talents and deployment on an industrial scale

Since deciding to expand into the smart electric vehicle industry, Xiaomi has hardly ceased to demonstrate its strong interest in autonomous driving. The company has allocated significant resources to R&D, but also to the selective hiring of the best talents in the industry and to investment in several companies, both upstream and downstream.

As revealed by Lei Jun, Xiaomi plans to invest 3.3 billion RMB in the first R&D phase of its self-driving technology. Already, Xiaomi has mobilized a dedicated team of 500 people. By the end of the year, the membership of this team should exceed 600 members.

Currently, Xiaomi’s self-driving technology team includes 50 industry experts, in addition to a regular training team, which is made up of no less than 70% with master’s or doctoral degrees. Many of the team members have worked for some of the most famous international companies in the field of AI. Their professional expertise covers all areas necessary for the development of autonomous driving technology, including the design of sensors, chips, algorithms, simulations, tool chains, data platforms, etc.

Xiaomi has also acquired self-driving startup Shendong Technology, which has enhanced its technological expertise and enriched its talent pool. In addition, Xiaomi has also pledged to strengthen its medium and long-term strategic industrial capabilities by investing no less than 2 billion RMB in more than ten companies specializing in the field of autonomous driving.

An algorithm that is able to self-develop on its own and that will allow Xiaomi to become one of the leaders in the smart electric vehicle industry from 2024

Xiaomi adopts an algorithm which is capable of self-development by itself. In a demo video, Xiaomi’s test vehicle demonstrated precise, safe and intelligent assisted driving in several scenarios (U-turns, roundabouts, continuous driving, downhill driving, etc.) .

As for parking, Xiaomi’s autonomous driving team has announced an innovative automatic parking solution that covers a wide variety of scenarios. And in order to comply with relevant national laws and regulations, a mix of AI features and state-of-the-art services will soon be added to the core system.

Lei Jun finally mentioned that Xiaomi plans to create a fleet of 140 test vehicles in the early development phase of its self-driving technology. These vehicles will be individually tested across the country and the technologies they will embed will certainly allow Xiaomi to become one of the leaders in the smart electric vehicle industry from 2024.

Apart from using internal resources, the Xiaomi Auto team also receives strong support from several other departments within Xiaomi such as the Xiaomi AI Lab, XiaoAi AI Assistant team, and Smartphone Camera team. These different entities all contribute to forging cutting-edge autonomous driving experiences.

In just over a year, Xiaomi’s self-driving technology has made a real breakthrough in this industry.

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