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Lightspeed hires a former Google executive

A former Google executive makes the jump to Lightspeed to become head of product and technology for the Montreal provider of technology solutions for businesses.

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Richard Dufour

Richard Dufour
The Press

Ryan Tabone, 40, will be responsible for leading product and technology development. He will work in New York, but will be called upon to come to Montreal periodically.

His hiring must be announced this Tuesday by the company.

Ryan Tabone arrives in post after the departure of Guillaume Jacquet last summer. He joined Lightspeed in 2019 when the company purchased Chronogolf, a software allowing its users to manage their tee times. Founder of Chronogolf, Guillaume Jacquet held the title of Executive Vice-President, Products and Technology at Lightspeed.


ryan tabone

Ryan Tabone has spent the past 15 years at Google, where he has held several positions, including founding member of the team that created the Chromebook and, most recently, Vice President and General Manager of Google Pay and Google Finance. .

In the past, the roles of chief product officer and chief technology officer were sometimes assigned to different people. Today, the two positions are more frequently held by one and the same person as technology has become a fundamental element of more and more products offered by companies.

Ryan Tabone joins Lightspeed as the Montreal-based company prepares to move from a stage of business acquisitions and integration to a stage of innovation as supply chain and liquidity management is crucial for many traders and restaurateurs.

Ryan Tabone did his graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His hiring by Lightspeed also comes at a tougher time for the tech industry. Despite a still competitive job market, stock valuations of tech companies have been under pressure for several months now and many companies are tightening spending. In some cases, companies are implementing a hiring freeze or reducing their workforce.

Lightspeed’s management is also still trying to fill hundreds of positions in its ranks.

Founded 17 years ago, Lightspeed has a workforce of approximately 3,500 employees, approximately 40% of whom are in Montreal, where the company’s head office is located.

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