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Lille redcolle – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (LOSC 2-1 TFC) – Football

More effective, Lille won against Toulouse (2-1), this Saturday, during the 8th day of Ligue 1. A precious success for the northern club which temporarily occupies 6th place before the international break.

Lille red

David launched LOSC against Toulouse.

LOSC continues its journey in the roller coaster. After a victory, a draw, a defeat, a victory, a defeat, a victory and a defeat, Lille obtained its fourth success of the season against Toulouse (2-1), this Saturday, as part of the 8th day of the League 1. Carried by a very good Adam Ounas, the Mastiffs are temporarily back in 6th place, five rows ahead of the Pitchounes.

David launches hostilities

Five minutes. This is the time it took the Mastiffs to break the opposing lock. After a great collective action and a bit of success on his hook, David opened the scoring with a nice outstretched shot into the opposite side netting (1-0, 5th). Surprised, the Pitchounes were forced to play. If they had possession of the ball, they struggled to find openings despite two great opportunities for Aboukhlal and Desler.

Less prominent offensively, the Lille nevertheless hurt on all their holes, the image of an impressive Ounas on his ball catches. Ideally served by Bamba, Angel Gomes, he failed on Dup after a nice rush in the axis. For their part, the Toulousains showed themselves to be more and more pressing as the minutes went by, with a very active Aboukhlal who obtained three chances to equalize but who lacked precision in the last gesture.

Chaibi cools LOSC, Ounas sets fire

Upon returning from the locker room, the situation changed. Following a double error by Yoro and Fonte, Chaibi did not miss the opportunity to punish Chevalier with a powerful shot under the bar (1-1, 48′). A short-lived joy for the TFC. Because a few minutes later, Ounas ignited the stadium with a wonderful pivot volley on a golden serve from André (2-1, 53rd). A goal of rare technical accuracy, from passing to execution.

In the last half hour, the debates were balanced between two teams which however struggled to obtain clear chances. Martin’s entry to strengthen the Lille midfield made the match a little more choppy, the former Montpellier player multiplying the faults to break the game. A winning option for Paulo Fonseca since LOSC managed to maintain their lead on the scoreboard until at the end of the game.

The score of the match: 6/10

A rather pleasant match to follow between two fairly close teams. Both teams had their highlights and opportunities, but it was the most efficient and the most experienced at this level that made the difference with a high-class goal. An interesting game in front of northern supporters who created a great atmosphere.

The goals :

– After a good job by Ounas, Angel Gomes throws David into the depths. The Canadian eliminates Nicolaisen with a hook full of success before adjusting Dup with a perfect shot from the left foot into the opposite side netting (1-0, 5th).

– On a bad raise from Yoro, Dallinga misses his cross shot. The ball is nevertheless poorly cleared by Fonte and returns to the feet of the Dutch striker, who ideally serves Chaibi. In the middle, less than 10 meters away, the young Violet landed a powerful strike under the bar of Chevalier (1-1, 48′).

– At 40 meters, André sends a wonderful whipped pass over the defense for Ounas. Starting at the right time, the Algerian winger executed a magnificent volley with his left foot pivoting at the penalty spot to deceive Dup (2-1, 53rd).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Adam Ounas (7.5/10)

The Algerian winger made a very good copy thanks to technical accuracy at all times. His body game and his ability to find his partners on the touchline did a lot of harm to the people of Toulouse. He was rewarded for his efforts after the break with a superb goal on a pivot volley that was very difficult to convert. By far the cleanest player on the pitch. Replace 78th minute with Alan Virginius (not).


Lucas Chevalier (6): the young Lille goalkeeper was correct. If he can’t do anything about the Toulouse goal, the northern goalkeeper has been fair in his aerial outings to relieve his team.

Bafod Diakit (7): a real good match for the right side. Involved in the opener, he showed solidity in his lane by leaving almost no space to his opponents.

Jos Fonte (6): an overall solid match for the Portuguese central defender… with a big black spot. Indeed, it was on one of his reminders that Toulouse managed to equalize. An action that spoils his overall performance, and that’s a shame, because he was very serious.

Leny Yoro (5.5): surprise of the starting lineup, the 16-year-old and 10-month-old central defender alternated between good and bad. He, like his captain, was little worried. But he too loses the ball on a bad start from the action of Chaibi’s goal. Fortunately without major consequences on the final result.

Ismaily (6.5): the Brazilian left side is gaining a little more power. Technically sure of himself, he was clean in his climbs and comfortable defensively. Above average.

Benjamin André (7.5): an excellent match for the Lille midfielder. In the oven and in the mill, he was very efficient in recovery and above all, he delivered a magnificent decisive pass for Ounas on the second goal. With all the defections in the midfield, he wouldn’t have stolen a small call-up to the France team…

Andr Gomes (6): a correct copy made by the Portuguese environment. Although he was less radiant than André, the former FC Barcelona player distinguished himself with quality openings for his attacking partners. Good in impact.

Adam Ounas (6): read comment above.

Angel Gomes (6): a good match for the English playmaker. At the origin of David’s goal with a nice pass in depth, he could have made the break on his huge opportunity after a rush in the axis. Replace the 60th minute with Jonas Martin (not).

Jonathan Bamba (6): once again an irregular performance for the northern winger. He managed some fine technical moves, still far from his initial position, but was also frustrating with several bad choices, like on this badly negotiated counter to bring it 3-1. On the other hand, he was very important in the defensive withdrawal.

Jonathan David (6): the Canadian striker was discreet tonight. He entered his match perfectly by opening the scoring with a nice shot in the small opposite. But apart from this winning action, he finally weighed little in this part. However, we cannot take away his goal which facilitates the task of LOSC. Replace the 86th minute with Mohamed Bayo (not not).


Maxime Dup (5.5): difficult to blame the Toulouse goalkeeper for the two goals conceded. He allowed his team to stay in the game by making a very important save in front of Angel Gomes to prevent the 2-0 in the first period.

Mikkel Desler (6): one of the rare defensive satisfactions of the evening on the Toulouse side. Close to equalizing with a volley at the far post in the first period, he rather secured his lane against Bamba. Replace the 82nd minute with Kevin Keben (no not).

Anthony Rouault (5): a very neutral match for the central defender. He had some difficulties on the Lille offensives in the first period. Overall, he did not breathe serenity.

Rasmus Nicolaisen (5.5): the Danish central defender got into his game badly with a missed intervention in front of David on the opener. However, he responded present in the duels with several hot interventions in his area. Just above average.

Moussa Diarra (6.5): Toulouse’s best defender tonight. Not really helped by an overwhelmed Sylla, he saved several complicated situations, like the badly negotiated counterattack by Bamba on the hour mark. He contained David quite well in the duels.

Issiaga Sylla (3): the left side had a lot of trouble containing Ounas. Systematically outflanked on the ball taken by the Algerian winger, Guinen once again forgot about it on the winning goal. He took a broth on almost all the duels. Replace 76th minute with Veljko Birmancevic (not not).

Zakaria Aboukhlal (5.5): a frustrating evening for the Moroccan striker. In the first period, he struggled enormously, getting three chances, but was too lonely. Active, he gradually lowered his foot despite a slight start in the last quarter of an hour.

Stijn Spierings (6): the Dutch midfielder was not ashamed of his match. He responded present in the duels and was rather interesting in his role as a hub in midfield. However, he could have been bolder in his choices.

Branco Van Den Boomen (6): the Toulouse captain tended too much to overturn the game. Despite everything, the Batavian midfielder managed to find his attacking partners quite easily since he delivered five passes which preceded a shot. Better than its recent outings.

Fares Chabi (6): titularis in the absence of Ratao, the midfielder n Lyon seized his chance by gallising with a beautiful strike under the bar. He was often well placed on the few Toulouse opportunities even if he could have been more decisive in certain situations.

Thijs Dallinga (5.5): alone at the forefront of the attack, the Dutch striker had a complicated encounter. Back to goal, he managed to serve his partners too rarely. Despite everything, he delivers a decisive pass for Chaibi after a loss of the ball from Fonte. Replace 76th minute with Teen Onaiwu (no not).

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LILLE 2-1 TOULOUSE (mid-time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 8th day
Stadium: Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille – Referee: Pierre Gaillouste, France

Goals : J. David (5th) A. Ounas (53rd) for LILLE – for TOULOUSE
Warnings : Jos Fonte (44th), B. Diakit (74th)for LILLE

LILLE : L.KnightJose Fonte, L. YoroB. Diakit, IsmailiB.Andr, André GomesA. Gomes (J. Martin, 60th)A. Ounas (A. Virginius, 78th), J. BambaJ. David (M. Bayo, 86th)

TOULOUSE : Mr. DupA. Rouault, R. Nicolaisen, Mr DiarraMr. Desler (K. Keben, 82nd), I. Sylla (V. Birmancevic, 76th)Z. Aboukhlal, S. Spierings, B. van den Boomen, F. ChabiT. Dallinga (A. Onaiwu, 76th)

David quickly opened the scoring (1-0, 5th)

Ounas has done a lot of damage

The joy of the Violets after the goal of Chaibi (1-1, 48th)

Ounas offered the victory Lille (2-1, 53rd)


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