LIVE – Benjamin Mendy trial: expected testimony from a complainant who accuses the player of 3 rapes

Resumption of trial imminent

Today’s hearing will concern the hearing of a second complainant, who accuses Benjamin Mendy of three rapes during an October 2020 evening.

This Thursday, a complainant will testify from the court

Following the trial of Benjamin Mendy this Thursday. With, from 11:30 a.m. (French time), the hearing of a complainant for acts of rape which date back to October 2020. This young woman accuses Benjamin Mendy of three different rapes. They would all have taken place on the same night.

The complainants’ hearings are held in chronological order.


The story of a first complainant

While waiting for the next testimonies from the plaintiffs, the court was able to view the video recording of the story made by a first alleged victim of Benjamin Mendy.

She notably revealed a sentence that the French would have slipped to her during a joint evening in October 2018. “When he will not look, I will kidnap you.” A sentence that she then took as a joke.

The key figures in the Mendy trial

The general public discovered the face of one of Benjamin Mendy’s alleged victims even in the early days of the trial. However, the 12 other plaintiffs have not yet spoken and remain anonymous, known only to justice.

Instead, several people already occupy a key position in this case, such as the prosecutor in charge of the prosecution and the two lawyers for Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie.

Louis Saha does not want to be confused with Louis Saha Matturie

In France, the passage of Benjamin Mendy in front of justice arouses a lot of curiosity and questions. But the footballer is not the only accused in this sad case.

Along with him, his friend Louis Saha Matturie is also being prosecuted. But beware, the co-defendant in the Mendy trial is not related to former Manchester United French footballer Louis Saha.

Hi there,

Started soon a little over a week ago, the trial of Benjamin Mendy continues before the Chester court. The 28-year-old French international is accused of eight rapes, one attempted rape and sexual assault by seven different women but denies all charges.

After the prosecutor’s opening statement describing the left side of Manchester City and the France team as a sexual predator, the trial saw a first complainant speak. Via a video recording, a first alleged victim told his version of the facts.

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