LIVE – Brest-OM: first hitch for the Olympians, despite the entry of Sanchez

The goal replay of the draw between Brest and OM

With goals from Nuno Tavares and Pierre Lees Melou

Ended ! OM held in check in Brest!

In front at the break, OM logically gave in in the second act and could even have lost without several interventions from Blanco and the clumsiness of the Breton attackers. Despite Sanchez coming on, his first in Ligue 1, Brest were hardly put in danger after the break. Like last week in Marseille, Tavares scored. Opposite, Lees-Melou responded with a sublime half-volley.

2 minutes of additional time

We are heading straight for a draw, unless Brest have the resources…

Duverne close to KO

On a corner played in two stages, the Breton defender wins his duel with Balerdi, but fails to adjust his flat foot. It’s out of frame.

Honorat replaced

The very restless right winger is replaced by the young Dembélé who is discovering Ligue 1.

Clauss does not fit

At the end of a one-two with Bakambu, Clauss does not manage to sufficiently turn his ball, which falls to the left of the goal.

Last change for OM

The striker of the evening, Nuno Tavares, is replaced by Kolasinac for the last minutes of this match.

Blanco is flying!

Another save from the Marseille goalkeeper to get a header from Cardona for a corner. It does nothing for the locals.

Double change in Brest

The Douaron and Magnetti are replaced by Cardona and Mbock for the last quarter of an hour, where the suspense is still whole.

Bakambu wanted at the far post

The Congolese striker comes close to taking over the center of Tavares but he loses his support and lets the ball slip out of goal.

The boxes are raining

Guendouzi in turn receives a warning and does not contest the referee’s decision.

The failure of Le Douaron!

In front of goal, Belkebla manages to get around Balerdi and serve Le Douaron, alone in front of goal on the right. His shot, however, flies into the stands!

A look at the stats

Surprisingly, Brest have 13 shots at 4, including 4 on target at 2. OM still dominate possession, with 57%.

Triple change for Tudor

Rongier, Gerson and Milik give way to Veretout, Bakambu and Payet for the last twenty minutes of play.

Guendouzi claims the penalty

Launched by Tavares in the axis, Guendouzi advances in the surface but loses the ball on a perfect sliding tackle from Dari!

Rontier also warned

The tension is rising in Brest! The whistles have multiplied for several minutes, while OM go back on the attack. Rongier receives a yellow in turn for fault of anti-game.


Superb Brest equalizer! Following a corner pushed back, the ball returns in the axis to Lees-Melou, who places a perfect half-volley from outside the surface, 1-1!

The splendid strike of Lees-Melou during Brest-OM, August 14, 2022 © Amazon screen capture

Lees-Melou countered

New attempt for Lees-Melou, who stumbles on the Marseille defense. Brest remains very high and pushes to equalize.

Card for Gerson

He is sanctioned for having cut off an opposing counter-attack. This second period is very removed, the ball runs from one camp to another.

OM raises its head

After a big highlight in Brest, the Olympians find the opposing camp and show themselves from set pieces.

Blanco shows up

Taking advantage of a missed raise, Honorat is again served on the right and strikes instantly. Blanco pushes back to the ground.

Sanchez offers an opportunity in Brest

Author of a completely missed back pass, Sanchez gives a corner to Brest and a goal ball to Belaïli. The incoming sees his head pass right next to it.

Belaili sanctioned

The Algerian international is booked for a high foot to Rongier’s face.

Clauss can’t find the frame

In two stages, Clauss finds himself in a full axis strike position. Despite Sanchez’s call, he takes his chance. It’s above.

Corner for OM

Clauss hits him at the penalty spot. New luck for Marseille and Sanchez on the other side, who hits hard at the near post. Brest emerges.

Great debut in Ligue 1 for Sanchez

The Chilean striker is already replacing Ünder to make his debut with OM. In Brest, Belaïli takes the place of Pereira Lage.

Start of the second half!

Brest engages in this second act. A change on each side, with the entry of Alexis Sanchez on the Marseille side!

Reactions to the break (Prime Video)

Haris Benkebla: “I thought we were good, we got off to a good start. We were pretty good until the goal, which put us in the back of the head. We have to keep pushing to try to come back”.

Samuel Gigot: “From the start, they put us under pressure. We hunkered down, it’s good to have scored before half-time. We’re going to do our best to re-attack the match as well as possible”.

Half time!

OM lead by one goal at the break thanks to a new achievement by Tavares at the end of the first act! Authors of a good performance, the Bretons hit the post a few minutes earlier.

Gerson down

The Brazilian stays on the ground after a clean tackle from Chardonnet and limps back to his place.

1 minute of additional time

The rhythm picks up again a few seconds before the break.

Bizot not reassuring

The Brest goalkeeper is guilty in turn of a small inaccuracy when clearing the ball. He sends it straight to Milik’s head, as Ünder was prowling.

Milik borders on correctional

Already warned, the Polish striker nudged Lees-Melou again and narrowly escaped the red card…

Sanchez warming up

The Chilean rookie joins Payet and Bakambu on the edge of the lawn.


OM score with their pistons! On the right, Ünder plays his short corner with Clauss who sends a millimeter center in the race of Tavares at the far post. Already a scorer last week, the Portuguese fixed Bizot with a flat foot recovery, 1-0!

OM in the hard

Despite a good start to the match, the Olympians no longer manage to be dangerous and therefore concede red waves.

The Douaron finds the post!!

Brest is close to the first goal! On a counter-attack, Pereira crosses Le Douaron from the left. Blanco is beaten but saved by the left upright!

The inaccuracies are linked

On one side as on the other, the transmissions are more and more muddled at the heart of this first period.

Der Zakarian called to order

Untenable in his technical area, the Brest coach receives a yellow card in turn.

Honorat forgotten on the right

New interesting ball catch for Honorat, who takes advantage of the spaces on the right. His center back is intercepted by Mbemba.

It gets complicated

Undoubtedly not helped by slippery ground, the actors have had more difficulty finding each other and chaining for several minutes.

New corner for Brest

From the right, Honorat plays back on Magnetti, whose shot from the right escapes Blanco’s frame.

Lees-Melou is doing well

Author of a high foot on Milik, the Brest midfielder narrowly escapes the yellow card.

Balanced stats

52% possession and 2 shots to 1 for OM since the start of the match.

Cardboard for Milik

Author of an elbow forward on Chardonnet in an aerial duel, the Marseille center-forward received the first warning of the match.

Big scare for Blanco

The Marseille goalkeeper narrowly avoided the tackle from Le Douaron to extend a back pass from Balerdi into his goal…

Lees-Melou takes his chance

The midfielder does not ask questions in front of the opposing surface following a corner. His shot is clearly above.

Brest sets up

Like a first corner obtained, the Pirates manage to keep the ball in the opposing camp. OM have more difficulty projecting themselves.

Honorat was still there

The Brest winger had again gone deep and tried to volley a cross from Brassier from 50 meters. It is ultimately too short.

Lees-Melou finds himself

The Brestoire rookie had seen Honorat leave, very active in this start, but he sends his pass directly into touch.

Milik misses the ball

New tumble from Tavares on the left. His cross towards Milik cannot be taken over by the Polish striker, who throws himself to try to take it from the chest. The Breton defense recovers.

No observation round

Great start to the game from both teams. There is currently no time-out, despite the pouring rain.

Bizot’s stop!

What heat in front of the Brest goal! At the end of a lightning transition, Guendouzi goes there alone on the left of the surface. In a tight angle, he stumbles on Bizot, then substituted by his defense just in front of Milik. The 1-0 was very close for OM!

Honorat is missing

Perfectly found behind Tavares, Honorat tries a half-volley cross. This flies directly over Blanco’s goal.

Tavares loses his support

Bothered by the slippery lawn, the Marseille rookie found himself on the ground in his left lane on the first Olympian offensive. Brest recovers the ball.

Let’s go between Brest and Marseille!

The kick off of the match is given by the Marseillais in the rain! Excellent evening to all!

Kick-off imminent

The two teams are expected back on the lawn in a few moments.

Brest used to shaking the nets

Der Zakarian’s side have scored at least two goals in their last three games.

Tudor talks about the Payet case

Igor Tudor on Prime Video, on the strong choice to leave Dimitri Payet on the bench again: “There are other important players on the bench. I’m a lucky coach since I have an important bench. But that doesn’t does not mean that some will not play the next game.”

An XXL Marseille bench

In addition to the presence of Payet and Sanchez, the OM bench will be very supplied with the rookies Veretout and Sanchez, without forgetting Gueye or Caleta-Car.

Two groups almost complete

If Brest is deprived only of Fadiga, injured, OM will not be able to count on their titular goalkeeper, Lopez. Note that Dieng, dismissed by Tudor, did not make the trip either.

OM want to confirm outside

The Olympian club is the best away team of the year with 22 points taken (7 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses).

The Olympian wardrobe

OM will evolve with their black away kit tonight. Kick-off in less than 30 minutes.

The eleven of Brest

Bizot – Duverne, Chardonnet, Dari, Brassier – Belkebla, Lees Melou, Magnetti – Honorat, Le Douaron, Pereira Lage

Substitutes: Blazquez, Hérelle, Camblan, Uronen, Mbock, Karamoko, Belaïli, Cardona

The composition of OM

Payet is still on the bench, as for the first match. Star rookie Alexis Sanchez, too.

Blanco – Mbemba, Leg, Balerdi – Clauss, Rongier, Guendouzi, Nuno Tavares – Under, Gerson, Milik

Substitutes: Simon, Kolasinac, Caleta-Car, Gueye, Veretout, Suarez, Payet, Sanchez, Bakambu

Dieng, Caleta-Car… The point on all the players that OM want to sell

While OM have been active in the direction of arrivals, that of departures remains calm for the moment. The Marseille club is looking to sell a few elements, like Bamba Dieng or Duje Caleta-Car. And he will not retain Cédric Bakambu and Sead Kolasinac either.

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The OM group, with the premiere of Sanchez

Senegalese striker Bamba Dieng is excluded from the OM group which travels to Brest this Sunday as part of the second day of Ligue 1. First appearance on the other hand for Alexis Sanchez, who arrived in Marseille at the start of the week.

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Welcome to this live commentary to follow the meeting between Brest and Marseille, counting for the 2nd day of Ligue 1. The kick-off will be given at 8:45 p.m. at the Francis-Le-Blé stadium.

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