LIVE – Multiplex Ligue 1: Auxerre caught up in the score by Angers, Clermont turns the situation around against Reims


Coming back from a big injury, Boufal is already putting on the saving costume for Angers, being a decisive passer for Salama who resets the counters against Auxerre. This end of multiplex is very lively!

CLERMONT SCORES AGAIN (2-4, Reims-Clermont)

The show continues in Reims. Served by Khaoui, Bela opens his right foot and allows Clermont to take the lead even more.


What a turnaround in Reims, and what a goal from Cham. At the entrance to the surface, Cham lands a very precise first-intention shot, which lands in the opposite net of Pentz. 2-3 FOR CLERMONT

GOAL DENIED FOR AUXERRE (2-1, Auxerre-Angers)

For having nudged an Angevin on the action of the goal, Da Costa receives a yellow card. The third goal scored by Hein is therefore DENIED. Still 2-1 for Auxerre.


After a big chance from Angers, Auxerre widened the gap via Hein. Totally alone on his side, the Auxerrois is at the reception of a center and strikes in force to deceive Bernardoni.


After a long free kick from Gastien, Ogier on the left side heads for Andric in turn places a header, allowing Clermont to come back to score. What a turnaround!

Sinayoko expelled, Auxerre will finish at 10 against Angers

The case is complicated for Auxerre. Sinayoko receives a second red card after stepping on Doumbia’s foot. The Auxerrois will end the game at 10.

Balogun already inscribes its name in the history of Reims

Arrived from Arsenal this summer, Folarin Balogun is already illsutre. After scoring against Marseille, the striker again shook the net against Clermont.

Ratao makes the break for Toulouse! (0-2, Troyes-Toulouse)

What a loss of ball from Porozo which allows Aboukhlal to cross on the left side for Ratao. In the axis, the Brazilian only has to push the leather in the net and thus score his first goal in Ligue 1.

Andric converts the penalty (2-1, Reims-Clermont)

Andric hits hard and finds Pentz’s left top corner. Clermont reduces the score and can still hope to come back.

Penalty for Clermont!

Definitely this match picks up very strongly. Ven Bergen defends with his hand in the area and receives a yellow card. Penalty for Clermont.

Red card for Reims who will play at 10!

Summer rookie Agbadou receives a red card for having surrounded Andric who was about to go deep to challenge Pentz.

Resumption of matches

The second act began on the four courts. To see if it will be as hectic as the first.

The break on all grounds and the point of the scores

The break is whistled on all four pitches. The first act was quite lively with six achievements listed.

Auxerre took an early lead, but Diony reduced the score for Angers. On penalty, Doumbia and Balogun made the break for Reims against Clermont. Toulouse took advantage of a csc from Larouci to open the scoring at Troyes. No goals between Ajaccio and Lens.

Scores at the break:

Reims-Clermont (2-0)

Auxerre-Angers (2-1)

Ajaccio-Lens (0-0)

Troyes-Toulouse (0-1)

Sakhi’s attempt (2-1, Auxerre-Angers)

After an Angevin corner, the Auxerrois proceed to a counter. Far enough from the surface, Sakhi tries his hand at striking, but the precision is not there and the leather leaks from Bernardoni’s frame.

No goals in Ajaccio

The opposition between Ajaccio and Lens is now the only meeting not to score goals for the moment.

The CSC de Larouci which allows Toulouse to lead (0-1, Troyes-Toulouse)

Left side after a good inspiration from Ratao, Aboukhlal crosses for Dejaegere in the axis. Under pressure, Larouci pushes the ball into his own net. 0-1 for Toulouse!

Scoring update

On the half hour mark, we’ve been allowed five goals in this multiplex so far:

Reims-Clermont (2-0)

Auxerre-Angers (2-1)

Ajaccio-Lens (0-0)

Troyes-Toulouse (0-0)

Balogun converts and offers the break to Reims (2-0, Reims-Clermont)

Balogun is responsible for the penalty this time. The striker strikes hard on the left side. Diaw touches the leather but enters the net anyway.

Penalty for Reims!

After a nice heel from Balogun in the Clermont area, Doumbia is at the reception but Magnin uses his hand to defend. Penalty for Reims and break opportunity.

Diony reduces the score for Angers (2-1, Auxerre-Angers)

On a deep pass from Thioub, Diony enters the area and is clinical to reduce the score against Auxerre.

Doumbia transforms the penalty for Reims (1-0, Clermont-Reims)

Doumbia takes Diaw the wrong way and opens the scoring for Reims

Penalty for Reims!

Scorer against Marseille, Balogun is hooked in the area by Ogier. The referee does not hesitate and whistles for a penalty. The Clermontois receives a yellow card.

Allevinah misses Pentz’s target (0-0, Clermont-Reims)

Taking advantage of a nice deep pass from the center circle, Allevinah uses his speed to escape Abdelhamid. The Clermont striker no longer has the lucidity to frame his strike low to the ground.

Great opportunity for Baldé and Troyes (0-0, Troyes-Toulouse)

On the right side, Bruus makes a long cross to Baldé in the axis. The striker is at the reception, but his header lacks precision and flees the frame.


The Auxerrois continue again. After a corner played by two by Auxerre, Hountondji tries to ward off the danger created by the center on the right side. But the defender deceives his goalkeeper and allows the locals to already make the break.

Sotoca stopped by the Ajaccio defense (0-0, Ajaccio-Lens)

Via the right side, Sotoca tries to create danger, but the last triple scorer is well taken over by Mayembo. Few opportunities to put in their mouths in this meeting for the moment.

Jeanvier opens the scoring for Auxerre (1-0, Auxerre-Angers)

Sakhi takes care of hitting a corner, the leather lands in the axis where Jeanvier only has to push the ball into the net. Auxerre takes the lead in this part.

Interesting free kick for Auxerre (0-0, Auxerre-Angers)

First interesting free kick for Auxerre. After a nice punch from Sinayoko, Sakhi is jostled near the box. Autret takes care of it, but the ball escapes the frame


And it’s off to a good start for this multiplex counting for the second day of Ligue 1!!

A few minutes before the start of the multiplex

The formations of the day are entering their respective lawns. The start of all four games is only a matter of minutes.

Hamouma already suspended with Ajaccio

New recruit from AC Ajaccio, the experienced Romain Hamouma is not present for the reception of Lens. This being due to the red card received against Olympique Lyonnais last weekend.

Dallinga, an already formidable scorer

For his first Ligue 1 match with Toulouse against Nice (1-1), Thijs Dallinga has already opened his goal counter. On top of that, the Dutchman was very helpful in his team’s game.

Watch out for the arrow Mama Baldé

Toulouse defenders will have to watch Mama Baldé carefully. Scorer against Montpellier, the former Dijon is one of the main offensive cartridges of the Trojans.

The composition of Clermont against Reims with Bastien and Rashani

Here is the starting lineup concocted by Pascal Gastien to face Stade de Reims:

Diaw – Borges, Ogier, Wieteska, Seidu – Gastien, Magnin – Rashani, Muhammed, Allevinah, Andric

The eleven of Toulouse against Troyes with executives Van Den Bommen and Spierings

After the promising draw against Nice (1-1), here is the eleven chosen by Philippe Montanier:

Dupé – Sylla, Nicolaisen, Rouault, Desler – Van den Boomen, Spierings – Ratao, Dejaegere, Aboukhlal, Dallinga

The eleven of Ajaccio against Lens with the experienced Mangani

Here is the eleven formed by Olivier Pantolani, after the first defeat against Lyon:

Leroy – Alphonse, Mayembo, Gonzalez, Diallo – Bayala, Marchetti, Mangani, Barreto – El Idrissy, Moussiti Oko

The composition of Reims against Clermont with rookie Balogun

Pentz – Busi, Gravillon, Agbadou, Abdelhamid, Locko – Munetsi, Doumbia, Matusiwa – Ven Bergen, Balogun

The composition of Troyes against Toulouse with Ripart and Baldé

After the 3-2 defeat against Montpellier, here is the eleven chosen by Bruno Irlès:

Gallon – Bruus, Porozo, Palmer Brown, Salmier, Larouci – Ripart, Kouamé, Tardieu, Chavalerin – Baldé

The composition of Angers against Auxerre

Bernardoni – Doumbia, Blazic, Hountondji, Sabanovic – Bentaleb, Mendy, Hunou, Ounahi, Thioub, Diony

The composition of Auxerre against Angers with Costil and Charbonnier

Costil – Joly, Jubal, Jeanvier, Bernard – Hein, Touré, Sakhi, Autret – Charbonnier, Sinayoko

The composition of Lens against Ajaccio with Sotoca and Fofana

Here is the composition of Lens, made by Franck Haise, with the presence of the one who scored a hat-trick last weekend: Florian Sotoca

Samba – Medina, Danso, Gradit – Machado, Fofana, Abdul Samed, Frankowski – David Da Costa, Sotoca, Openda

A few minutes before the compositions

It’s only a matter of minutes before knowing the different compositions of the day’s formations.

Confirm promising start for Toulouse

Toulouse is certainly the promoter who attracted the most on the field last weekend, during the opposition against Nice (1-1). Outside against Troyes, Branco Van den Boomen’s teammates will try to confirm these displayed good dispositions.

For their part, the Trojans must take points after the loss against Montpellier (3-2).

Forget the heavy setbacks for Reims and Clermont

Last weekend was tough for Reims and Clermont. Respectively opposed to Olympique de Marseille and PSG, the opponents of the day took the storm against the leaders of Ligue 1 (4-1, 0-5).

This time, one of the two formations will have the opportunity to take precedence over the other and begin to cast doubt on its opponent.

A very bad start for Auxerre

Auxerre started their return to Ligue 1 very badly with a heavy setback against Lille 4-1. If Angers is a less impressive opponent on paper, the Angevins are used to Ligue 1 and this experience is not negligible.

But in this season with 4 runs, the Auxerrois must quickly earn points to gain confidence. It starts this Sunday at the Abbé-Dechamps stadium.

Reviving and shining at home for Ajaccio

For its baptism in Ligue 1, AC Ajaccio could not avoid defeat (2-1) against Olympique Lyonnais. In his den at the François Coty stadium, Olivier Pantaloni’s men will also have a lot to do against brilliant Lensois since their rise to the top flight in 2020, and who started their season with a victory against Brest (3-2)

Kickoff of the multiplex at 3 p.m.

Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow this live commentary of this Ligue 1 multipex which will count for the second day of the championship.

Here are today’s matches:

AC Ajaccio – Lens

Auxerre – Angers

Reims – Clermont

Troyes – Toulouse

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