Loana Lecomte European mountain bike champion ahead of Pauline Ferrand-Prévôt

The French were stronger than everyone on Saturday in Munich. Leaving from the first hectometres of the race, Loana Lecomte (1h28’04) and Pauline Ferrand-Prévôt (+0’37) won gold and silver respectively at the European Mountain Bike Championships. Vice-world champion Anna Terpstra completed the podium, 2’31 behind Ferrand-Prévôt.

An incident and the dream flew away for PFP

Although once again medalist in cross-country, the Rémoise will however be able to nourish a certain frustration, she who counted nearly a minute ahead of her compatriot at the start of the third lap, before experiencing a mechanical problem ( derailleur) causing him to lose his head. Leaving as late as it expected in advance of Lecomte before this incident, the Habs tried everything for everything, without managing to get closer to less than 40 seconds from the Haut-Savoyarde.

On muddy ground, and a week before the Worlds in Les Gets, Loana Lecomte won her first continental title and put an end to the reign of “PFP”, which had been crowned in the last two editions. Long in the fight for third place, Olympic champion Jolanda Neff saw the podium fly away as the last two laps approached, doubled by Anna Terpstra. The Swiss finished fourth, 25 seconds behind the Dutch.


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