Umalis Group launches Lucidus Pro. In development for 2 years, this service intended for companies makes it possible to analyze the causality between different indicators such as well-being, productivity, increase in turnover and the development of an activity.

Paris, April 21, 2017 – Umalis Group, a major player in the publicly listed wage portage market since 2014, announces the arrival of a new service for companies that identifies the reasons that influence employee productivity, in order to increase turnover and reduce turnover, while taking into account the well-being of employees.

The observation is simple: the more the employees are fulfilled professionally, the more the company is productive. However, in recent years, well-being and happiness at work have been the daily challenges of the HR departments of French companies. When more than half of French people feel dissatisfied with their working conditions, Lucidus Pro provides a powerful, precise and objective solution for a better understanding of what drives, motivates and makes employees feel good: relations with colleagues or the hierarchy, the workspace, recognition, etc. This service was designed as a real means of social action within companies.

A real added value for companies but above all a tool for employees who will be able to talk about their daily problems to their hierarchy in an objective and quantified way. When we talk about well-being or happiness, the emotional side of the subject is difficult to put aside. Talking about what makes us “unhappy” is emotional and can often seem inappropriate in a professional setting. But a happy employee is a productive and efficient employee and in terms of management, it is an essential notion. Lucidus Pro are facts and figures to speak precisely and clearly about what affects employees.

The RCA methodology based on three keys: Collection, Understanding and Action, was developed specifically for this unique service. First, employees complete an online questionnaire on their daily work and the causes that could impact their well-being within the company. Once the data has been collected, it is analyzed by dedicated algorithms and then made available to the customer via a graphical and readable dashboard. The Lucidus Pro teams then support companies in interpreting and understanding the results in order to be able to set up an effective and relevant action plan that meets the real needs of employees.

This service was designed and produced by Vladyslav Potapchuk, a young Ukrainian engineer who has been wearing Lucidus Pro for 2 years within Umalis Group, where he is project manager. After a Master’s degree in Physics at the Ecole polytechnique (X), he realizes that he wants and can contribute to the building by contributing to the development of well-being within society. It was during his thesis at l’X that he completely reoriented himself to focus on the question of well-being in general and in particular, in entrepreneurship.

A true web development enthusiast, Vladyslav aspires to imagine digital solutions that will have a real societal impact. With Lucidus Pro, it aims to aggregate data from multiple companies to produce reports for the general public so that as many people as possible can follow the evolution of well-being within our society and our companies.

By freeing up employees to talk about their working conditions, companies using Lucidus Pro position themselves as concerned about the well-being, needs and expectations of their employees. Removing the frustration of not being listened to by a hierarchy is a big step towards the “well-being” of French employees. Lucidus Pro gives employers real areas of improvement to move towards real employee well-being.

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