Mercato / Premier League – Manchester United would think of parting with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United is going through a dark period in its glorious history. However, a year ago, one of its greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo, settled down for the second time in the Mancunian city, the scent of nostalgia bewitching his steps on the green meadow. But since then, nothing has married the thread of a fairy tale.

The acme of a broken relationship between the Red Devils and its number 7 is undoubtedly this ultimatum issued by the club to the Portuguese, as claimed Sky Sports and The Times, requiring CR7 to drastically change their behavior or risk having their contract terminated.


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The management and the players “exasperated” by the attitude of CR7

Prevailing for a long time (the start of the summer window of the transfer window), the evil reached even higher strata during the heavy defeat on the lawn of Brentford on Saturday (4-0). The Portuguese multiplied the gestures of frustration, this in addition to a partially dried up pre-season and incessant foot calls to clubs from all over Europe. An attitude which led the sports management of MU to consider parting with an increasingly disruptive element.

the Times indeed evokes real tensions between the sports management (coach, assistants, partners), “exasperated“, and the five-time Ballon d’Or, guilty of conduct that could further bog down the club in crisis, according to echoes of the English media. Returning to his first love is not a guarantee of success. Ronaldo the learns at his expense, he who risks leaving behind him a more mixed memory than the day after his departure for the Madrid capital, one summer evening in 2009.

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