Messi goalscorer and in all good shots, Mbappé close to the double

Paris multiplies the opportunities

PSG are having fun, impressive in game and intentions. Alexsandro was forced into a save in his area, before Marquinhos headed too far right from the ensuing corner.


This is the 3rd goal this season for Lionel Messi, he who has already served Mbappé at the start of the match for his 2nd assist of the season.


It’s going way too fast for the Mastiffs, who have been taking on water from all sides for a few minutes. At the end of a quick collective action on the left side from Donnarumma, Messi opens his right foot perfectly on a low cross from Nuno Mendes, and deceives Jardim!!

Mbappé two fingers away from the double!! (0-1)

Neymar sends an absolutely luminous pass from the central circle towards Mbappé, who has gone deep full axis. The striker is again ahead of Jardim’s exit but is a little off center on the left, and just barely straightens his shot enough which ends in a narrow net!!

Is a goal after just eight seconds of play a record in Ligue 1?

Yes, it’s a speed record for Mbappé’s goal… but he doesn’t hold it alone. The Parisian equals Michel Rio, scorer in eight seconds with Caen against Cannes in Ligue 1, in 1992.

>>> more info on Mbappé’s record

Heroic return of Alexsandro! (0-1)

Neymar seeks support with Mbappé in front of the Lille area, and infiltrates it at full speed. It takes a huge intervention from Alexsandro, with a perfect tackle, to prevent the former Barcelonan from scoring!

The Parisian pistons hurt a lot

When they are precise, the Parisians are terribly confusing for Lille wings totally outdated. The enormous activity of the pistons Nuno Mendes and Hakimi also has a lot to do with this imbalance.

Goal denied to Messi

PSG had fun with the entire Lille defense on this goal scored by Messi in front of empty nets, but Neymar’s initial pass to Hakimi put the Moroccan in an offside position.


Lille have won only 2 of their last 20 matches against Paris in Ligue 1 (4 draws, 14 losses), each time under the orders of Christophe Galtier, now PSG coach (5-1 in April 2019, 1-0 in April 2021).

Huge comeback from Hakimi! (0-1)

Another good combination from Lille, following another bad transmission from Paris. Gomes’ pass to David in the area is in the right tempo, but Hakimi narrowly returns to prevent the attacker from arming!

Neymar can’t find the frame! (0-1)

It goes from one goal to another at the start of the match with a new situation, this time for Paris. Messi looks for Mbappé towards the axis, which gives Neymar a hidden pass. In the area, the Brazilian crosses his shot too much!!

Mastiffs still biting

After a bad Parisian transmission, Lille trigger a quick counter to Bamba on the left. The winger hits a little softly from the left, but LOSC’s intentions are there after this confusing start to the match.

Lille’s first reaction

Gudmundsson, left-handed on the right, manages to cross after a good run in his lane. Bamba controls in the area and triggers a pivot shot on Donnarumma.

Mbappé took just 8 seconds to score

It’s a dream start for the players of Galtier, who start ideally. Mbappé was quickly surrounded by all his teammates after his goal, scored after… 8 seconds of play! His 2nd goal this season in two appearances in Ligue 1.


What a sensation at Pierre-Mauroy, where betting on commitment is already opening the scoring!!! After four assists, Messi throws Mbappé over the central defense into depth. The attacker is ahead of Jardim’s exit and the lobe perfectly!!

Let’s go to Pierre-Mauroy! (0-0)

It was the Parisians, in light gray, who launched this closing shock of the 3rd day of Ligue 1!

Kick-off is imminent!

Pierre-Mauroy loudly welcomes the 22 players, accompanied by the referee of the match, Clément Turpin.

“Nothing changes because we play PSG

Paulo Fonseca had warned at a press conference this week, LOSC intends to play the game thoroughly: “Nothing changes because we are playing against PSG. Even if it is the best team in France, our intentions will be the same. We will certainly have to defend more, but always with the same courage. We want to keep the ball, attack and press as we usually do. I expect my players to show courage and fighting spirit until the end. last second of the match. We will give our maximum”.

Navas, Bayo and Cabella conspicuously absent

Keylor Navas, PSG’s number 2 goalkeeper this season, is not present tonight, hit in the back. He is the only major absence to deplore in the Parisian group, while Renato Sanches also finds his former club.

Fonseca must do without Timothy Weah, injured, and Rémy Cabella, last minute package. Alan Virginius, the club’s latest recruit, will start on the bench.

Létang talks about the sanction against Bayo

Olivier Létang returned, at the microphone of Prime Video, to the Bayo case, sanctioned and left the group for disciplinary reasons, in this case a club outing the day before the match: “I don’t want to go back to the facts Before talking about the specific case, the most important thing is that a club must be strong. A strong club is values, a culture, an identity. What we want is a group who lives well and with these values ​​of combat, commitment, solidarity. If you want to perform, you must have a strong organization and discipline.”

“Compared to what happened, I learned it late but from the moment I had the information, I discussed with the coach and immediately we took the decision to take him out. player of the group. Because it is a lack of respect towards the club, towards its partners, the technical staff and our supporters. The decision was made very quickly. Afterwards we will manage it tomorrow morning , internally in the club. The important thing was to make a decision very quickly today to give an example of what we want and what we do not want. This is unacceptable behavior, which does not is not at all what we want. The player already knew that. It was important to decide and it’s not because there’s a match… We have to send a signal to everyone saying that the club is strong.”

“Compared to the player, there are two things. He is a player who needs to be given time. Jonathan David, when he arrived at LOSC, it took him five months to perform. Mohamed, he is a boy who changes his universe, who was in Dunkirk, in Clermont, who performed in Ligue 2, in Ligue 1. We knew that we had to give him time to adapt. Afterwards there will be this exchange internally. I I always say that everyone can make a mistake. Not two. We will solve this problem this week. But with the coach, of course we were very annoyed and even furious at this unacceptable behavior.”

Paris is already launched, Lille has been slowed down

During the previous day, Lille had not managed to extricate themselves from FC Nantes with a very good Alban Lafont (1-1). For its part, PSG had wandered at home against Montpellier (5-2), with in particular a double from Neymar.

Galtier’s PSG will be able to gauge themselves

Paris the only formation to have been a full house since the start of the Championship. But things are getting a bit trickier for Paris Saint-Germain with this trip to the former team of the Galtier-Campos duo, champions of France in 2021. After Nantes, Clermont and Montpellier, the level is rising for Paris against these Dogues, then with the reception of Monaco next week.

Mbappé appointed penalty taker tonight

On Prime Video, Galtier announced that Mbappé was named penalty taker for this match. “If there are two, so much the better. If there is one, it’s already good. Who shoots? Kylian number 1. As a matter of principle, I always define a second, which is obviously Neymar. And after you You can have situations like last week (Mbappé missed his first penalty, Neymar took the second, editor’s note). You have to be smart. I saw what Benzema did yesterday with Hazard, you have to be smart. But the order is Kylian number 1.”

The composition of LOSC, in 4-2-3-1

Jardim – Diakité, Alexsandro, Fonte, Ismaily – André, Gomes – Gudmundsson, Yazici, Bamba – David.

The composition of PSG, in 3-4-1-2

No surprise in the eleven, the same as against Montpellier, with the trio of stars Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. The Vitinha-Verratti duo is back in the middle. Ramos, Marquihos and Kimpembe follow together for the 4th time in a row.

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Verratti, Vitinha, Nuno Mendes – Messi – Neymar, Mbappe.

Galtier’s little joke on the penaltygate

Thierry Henry is at Pierre-Mauroy for the match between Lille and PSG, as an Amazon Prime Video consultant. Before the match, the former striker slipped a funny little question to Christophe Galtier on the sidelines, about the penaltygate between Mbappé and Neymar last weekend: “Coach answer. If there is a penalty, they say it’s me who’s shooting,” Henry addressed Galtier. “If it’s not Thierry, it’s a total mess,” jokes the PSG technician.

More information here.

Cabella’s message after Bayo’s dismissal

On Twitter, Rémy Cabella, teammate of Mohamed Bayo, posted a message to support the Dogues striker, dismissed for this match.

“Lille supporters, Momo made a mistake, he is aware of it. Everyone can make mistakes, we are human, but let it only happen once! Give him a chance and it’s up to him now to answer on the pitch. Go LOSC.”

Bayo was dismissed

As announced by The Team, Mohamed Bayo was dropped from the group for the match against PSG this Sunday evening. It was Olivier Létang who made this decision after the player went out at night on the eve of the match against the French champions.

For the moment the club is focusing on the meeting but Mohamed Bayo should be sanctioned in the coming days.

Hello and welcome to all for this live

Shock of the third day of Ligue 1, PSG moves to Lille for what is its first important test after three health walks against Nantes (trophy of the champions) then Clermont and Montpellier. A match that is also a test for Lille.

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