MotoGP opts for sprint racing on all Grand Prix from 2023

MotoGP will experience a small revolution in its format, as it had not experienced for several decades. The website Motorsport was the first to reveal on Friday the information that was going to make the riders talk as much as the new chicane of the Red Bull Ring: from 2023, the Dorna (promoter of MotoGP), which formalized the news this Saturday, will introduce a additional event on the weekend, in the form of a sprint as it already exists in Formula 1. The idea: a shortened race to spice up the competition even more, with points as the key.

The meeting will be systematized every Saturday during Grand Prix weekends, instead of a free practice session, unlike F1 where the sprint is invited three times in the season.

More races, more fun? For viewers, maybe. For the drivers, it’s less certain and the first reactions were mixed in the paddock even before the news was confirmed. Both in substance and in form.

“I think we are entering a totally stupid format”

“It’s not me who makes the decisions on the race formats, but I think we are entering a totally stupid format, launched Fabio Quartararo. There are circuits where you physically whip, like Assen, Mugello. We finish the race, we are rinsed and we should do it again the next day. Honestly, I think it’s not very correct to do that without having asked the opinion of the pilots. In any case, to me, I was not asked. »

Johann Zarco was no more aware, but his first thought was more conciliatory. “It’s fun to watch the sprint races in the Superbike category, so why not in MotoGP”, pointed out the Frenchman, who had just set the best time of the day. For him, it was the news of the day.


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