Narbonne: augmented reality technology meets the world of memories

Designer, inventor, writer and director, Arnaud Manikeo is a jack of all trades. Recently, he developed a concept that uses augmented reality. A project to which he devoted 7 years of development.

Inventor from Corbières, Arnaud Manikeo returns to the market with “Augmented Memories”, or when technology is at the service of memories. The concept: show, through an augmented reality application or directly via the web, a three-dimensional element by taking the image on your screen, using the camera of a mobile phone or a touch pad. This involves, among other things, augmenting an inanimate object by associating it with interactive elements such as sound or video. Born from a great frustration of not being able to share more memories and not being able to remember what was around a photograph, Arnaud Manikeo offers posters and postcards of the city of Narbonne and Gruissan, making it possible to remember more of the trips on the Aude coast. “It allows you to find the emotions of the moment” he explains. Beyond postcards and posters, “Augmented Memories” is also birthday cards or travel diaries.

Complicated steps to go through

It never progresses as we would like, it’s frustrating especially when it doesn’t depend on me.“The development of this project has not been easy. Between the understanding of technical solutions, the management of heritage rights, the creation of the website which had to be taken over to make it fully effective in January 2022, several times Arnaud Manikeo almost abandoned the project, but with a boiling creativity, no time to get stuck on a problem: “If I block on something, I unblock another”. Results ? In addition to his brand “Souvenirs Augmentés” which he tends to expand by adding other cities in France and Europe, it is on the writing of a book and the production of a film that the designer works . On the other hand, if in July, the designer was present on the night market of Narbonne-Plage, this will not be the case in August.

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