Notes: Celta Vigo – Real Madrid

Real Madrid faced Celta de Vigo today in La Liga Matchday 2. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 6.5 – For the first time in 10 meetings, the Belgian conceded a goal from Iago Aspas but it still took a penalty to overcome the Madrid player. Good match, he exudes a lot of serenity as always.

Carvajal: 4.5 – Not a great Carvajal for his comeback. He took hits but that’s not what made him so unpredictable on the ball and so inactive on the right.

Military: 7 – He is responsible for the penalty because of a wandering hand. Logical penalty but difficult to really blame the Brazilian for his commitment to this action. He was perfect for the rest.

Alaba: 7 – A sober and effective match from the Austrian, as so often.

Mendy: 5.5 – The side of Real were not to their advantage today. A little more reliable defensively, the Frenchman only supported Vinicius very little in the offensive animation and this is what facilitates their way of defending against the Brazilian, who is outnumbered.

Chuameni: 7 – A good first half, an excellent second. It remains an imperfect copy because of the amount of ball loss still too high, but the Frenchman excelled in recovery and he showed that he was able to project himself effectively as on the fourth goal. It is really encouraging !

Camavinga : 7 – As often, Camavinga misses a game, but not two. He was present this evening, especially during recovery where he was very active. Like his compatriot, he must eliminate some of his waste in the use of the ball.

⭐️ modric: 8 – A cushy first half hour and then the spark that changed his match and THE match. The Croatian is also the author of a remarkable assist for Vinicius …

Valverde: 5 – Completely irrelevant and not comfortable in this role as a winger, the Uruguayan found his colors once he fell back from a big one. He had an excellent last 25 minutes.

Vinicius: 7.5 – As against Almeria, everything goes through Vinicius who nevertheless undergoes harsh and particular treatment with a hold with two or even three players, systematically. He opened his goal counter following a good ball call and a very nice finish. He also delivered another assist for Valverde.

Benzema: 7.5 – A full match for Benzema who scored from the penalty spot but above all made the others play well, until offering a penalty to Hazard or succeeding in a feint of body which benefits Valverde by slipping.

Ancelotti: 5.5 – Real leaves with the victory, the Madrid coach has involved a maximum of players by making his 5 changes but there are two small negative points: the first, Valverde’s position is not ideal in this type of match. The second, Benzema played 90 minutes of play while the match was folded from the hour mark…

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