“Of course he did, he did it on purpose”: Hugo Hay furious with Katir, responsible for his fall in the 5000m in Munich

The 5000 meters of anger. While Jakob Ingebrigtsen celebrated his second title of European champion in the event after a great mano a mano with the Spaniard Mohamed Katir, Hugo Hay only had eyes for the Iberian and his red outfit.

As soon as the finish line was crossed in 19th place, more than 20 seconds after the Norwegian, the Frenchman went straight to see his opponent to teach him a lesson. Mimicking a nudge, pissed, the athlete from Bressuire expressed all his anger at the silver medalist, whom he considers responsible for a voluntary stampede. He denied having done it on purpose.

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He thought the track was his

This bowl of discord came four laps from the end of the race. While he was at the forefront from the start, the Frenchman fell victim to a gap from the Spaniard who wanted to move up to the top places, but with a more interior position. On land, the Habs saw their chances of a podium vanish in the Munich night. Hay had warned: he was in Munich to bring back a medal.

Questioned by France Télévisions after the race, the 25-year-old athlete was in a rage. “I was inside, I have the main square. He comes, he pushes me (…) He pushes me with his arm, I hit the guys in front and I fall. I said: ‘You have to put a “protest” (an appeal) against him. Frankly, it’s disgusting, he thought the track was his. Frankly, it’s nonsense, it pisses me off.”

Relaunched on the intentional nature of the maneuver, Hay is still up a lap. “Of course he did, he did it on purpose. We see him in the images, he is coming, he wants to make his place because we are coming to the bend. He pushes me because he doesn’t want to be in lane 2, so he pushes me and I run into the guys in front. (…) That’s not how you get a place. I am disgusted.”

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