Ouch, Android 13 would have created an annoying bug on many Google Pixel

Several Google Pixel owners are complaining that they can no longer use their phone’s wireless charging since installing Android 13 in stable version. Testimonials are piling up on a Reddit thread.

The photo module of the Google Pixel 6 Pro // Source: Frandroid

On August 16, 2022, Google began rolling out Android 13 as a stable version, the brand new mount for its mobile operating system. Moreover, the American giant may have gotten its hands dirty: many users have received an update to … Android 12. But apparently, everything was normal and under control.

Several generations of pixels affected

Except that a more worrying phenomenon tends to gradually gain momentum. According to a thread Reddit where testimonies accumulate, the installation of Android 13 on Pixel phones would cause an unexpected bug: wireless charging would simply not work anymore.

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL seem particularly affected by this anomaly, but the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are not spared, according to some people. On his side, 9to5Google ran a check on its Pixel 6s, but no bugs related to wireless charging could be found.

On all Pixel Stands

Pixel models running Android 13 adopt various behaviors when launching a wireless charge: either the latter never activates, or it is functional for a few minutes before stopping and displaying a “No charge” message. The purpose remains the same.

According to members of the Google community, the problem would occur on both generations of Pixel Stand, the device that is used to charge your phone without plugging it in. For the moment, the Mountain View company has not officially communicated on this subject or deployed a patch.

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