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OVHCloud renounces its partnership with Google Cloud

The French group OVHCloud has given up using Google software for its cloud offer (dematerialized computing), for lack of agreement on the conditions for updating the product, the two parties indicated on Monday.

OVHcloud and Google Cloud have jointly decided to end their partnershipallowing OVHCloud to use Google’s Anthos software, according to a joint statement from the two companies. “This decision is the result of a jointly shared observation (…) but does not call into question either the technologies developed or the possibilities of future collaborations“, according to this statement.

OVHCloud announced in November 2020 that it would use Google Cloud’s Anthos software to complete its cloud offering. But according to Octave Klaba and Michel Paulin, the leaders of OVHcloud, the French group has not succeeded in obtaining guarantees from the American group on the maintenance in the future of the “logoutbetween its own servers and those of the American giant.

Total separation between servers and OVHCloud and Google Cloud

For now Google Cloud is updating Anthos at OVHcloud with the equivalent of “usb keys“, which OVHCloud connects itself to its servers, explained Octave Klaba on Monday, on the sidelines of an OVHCloud press briefing on the eve of its annual convention. But Google Cloud has warned OVHCloud that in future it would like to make these updates directly, via a computer connection. However, this solution was not acceptable to OVHCloud, which wants to maintain, for the sake of data security, a total separation between its servers and those of Google, he explained.

Alliances between American cloud giants and European operators are seen as one of the solutions to allow Europeans to put their data on the cloud, without risking exposing it to sprawling American extraterritorial laws. Google announced an alliance with Thales, dubbed S3NS, and Microsoft an alliance with Orange and Capgmini, dubbed Bleu.

The Europeans will exploit American technologies in their own data centers, without the right of scrutiny from the American giants. But security during US software update operations is one of the main challenges faced by these alliances. “You should know that you can receive up to 50,000 changes per dayfor a cloud service, said Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHCloud, on Monday.


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