Pascal Martinot-Lagarde misses European gold by a thousandth over 110m hurdles, Just Kwaou-Mathey in bronze

Four years ago, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde became European champion thanks to his broken. This time, for a thousandth, the Frenchman was overtaken by the Spaniard Asier Martinez. In 13”14, the silver medalist signs on D-Day his best time of a disrupted season, as often by physical glitches. At 30, Martinot-Lagarde, who could not speak at the World Championships in Eugene last month, spoke about his experience of major events.

Just Kwaou-Mathey, the least known of the blue hurdlers, had shown during the Eugene Worlds, where he had reached the semi-finals, that he was capable of responding in the big championship. He ranks 3rd in 13”33 of the first international final of his career.

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Just Kwaou-Mathey. (S. Boué/The Team)

Sasha Zoya, 20, the great hope of the discipline, fell on the last hurdle and finally ranked 8th in 16”51. “It was a good experience for a first finalestimated the junior world record holder. I was off to a good start. Afterwards, I had a collision with the Spaniard, it affected my rhythm a bit, but it happens, it’s normal. Afterwards, well, the hurdles are the hurdles. You have to pass the 10 barriers to get a place. Today, I didn’t pass the last one but hey, I’m doing like Ladji did (Ladji Doucouré, his coach, who fell in the final of the 110m hurdles at the 2004 Olympics). I hope I will have a career like him. For now, we’re going to take a rest and there are still a few competitions to come. After that, it’s just training and we’re going to prepare for the next season. »

The Olympic finalist Aurel Manga had been the only one of the four Frenchmen engaged to stop in the semi-finals, earlier in the evening.


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