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Philippe Saint-André (Montpellier) after the defeat against Toulouse: “There is a lot of bitterness”

Philippe Saint-André (Coach of Montpellier, after the defeat (17-19) at home against Toulouse) “We lacked far too much precision, technical accuracy, we lost too many balls in conquest. There is a lot of bitterness tonight (Sunday evening) with this full stadium and this beautiful atmosphere and after a high level match, especially in the first period. But when you forget ready-made tests and you miss six points on foot. We lost too many points along the way. I would not say that we were feverish because we created opportunities but we were not precise enough on the last gesture. We also lost a lot of balls in contact, which can be expensive against Toulouse.

It’s a bitter defeat because we wanted to stay undefeated at home, the players were very disappointed. We wanted to validate this good start to the season with a victory to take first place, but Toulouse was more efficient and more pragmatic than us. We missed too many things but on a returning post (Carbonel collided with the post on a penalty in the 63rd), we can win it. It’s all the more frustrating…”

Leo Coly, Montpellier scrum-half : “There is a lot of frustration because we have the chances to win but it did not smile. We did not have the rebounds in our favor. It was played on details, we lost a few important balls, we are more undisciplined than them, Melvyn (opposite) does a 100% on foot and passes a penalty of 55 meters (in the 59th) which allows them to walk past and does them a lot of good. Behind, they knew how to keep their control. We have highlights at home but we don’t score. Our lack of realism cost us dearly in the end. »


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