Playing with VR and AR technology: what are the prospects?

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies are constantly progressing and offer new perspectives for players.

What can define a game more easily than calling it “activity for fun and amusement?” Anything we do for our enjoyment, health care, and relaxation can be called gaming. We play games for brain activity, improved health, and to clear toxic thoughts from our minds. In ancient times, people used to have physical games like hunting, ludo, polo, chess and mancala etc.

Today, digitization and software development have also revolutionized the gaming industry.

We come across several online games which we can easily play on our smartphones, laptops and other digital media. Technology has created more thrills, satisfaction and simple means of healthy games that not only the younger generation can enjoy but also the old ones. Online games have changed the way people live.

Although it has some drawbacks like lack of physical activity, excessive use of smartphones and social distancing, it has also benefited the lifestyle. Technology dominates all aspects of life and online gaming is not far behind. Today, the latest technologies in the software industry dominate the gaming world, making it better and better in the times to come.

Of all the technical innovations included in the gaming industry, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are ranked at the top of all those that take online gaming to a very advanced level. They have made online payments simple and risk-free. When people “completely learn how to trade online”, it becomes very easy for them to exchange online payments through online games using these innovative technologies. At the start of the technological age, hacking and scams were very common in online commerce as people were asked to share personal information.

Now, users are no longer asked to share personal information in online games and they can do so easily. Many digital platforms offer to “learn online trading” while playing games; thus making it risk-free. Today, the development of app stores has made online trading much easier and hassle-free as it allows players to trade and transact in a secure environment.

Crypto wallets and Blockchain technology also do not require security information, which makes it easy to trade. Virtual reality, cloud technology and augmented reality have a growing trend as they completely engage a person in a game.

It makes you feel a real-time experience while sitting in your room. It looks like you are the real part of this online game.

When we look at technological trends applied to online games, their value can be easily analyzed. The global video game industry has passed $90 billion, which is the first place a lot of people like to have it in action. This technology has enabled gaming mobiles. The increased use of cell phones and other digital gadgets has introduced new games that can easily adapt to cell phone and laptop screens. Among all the types of online games that work today, the number of games for smartphones is increasing because they are simple to carry, user-friendly, flexible and can run easily with very low batteries.

You don’t need a charger or a remote control, but you can easily walk away with your mobile while keeping the game on. In 2000, Nokia installed the Snake game on its phones, which became very popular, especially with children.

Software technology has modernized the world to such an extent that in our time no one can even think of living without smartphones, internet, laptops and other high tech gadgets.

These innovative technologies have refined games to the extent that there is no longer a boundary between reality and fantasy. These games are now used for multiple purposes like education and online trading etc. Although they have some disadvantages, they also have multiple advantages such as skill development, mental activity, etc. AR games will rule the world for years to come.

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