PSG: Soler empties his bag on his departure from Valence! - Soccer - SIMPLYSHAN.COM

PSG: Soler empties his bag on his departure from Valence! – Soccer

Transfer from FC Valence to Paris Saint-Germain during the last summer transfer window, midfielder Carlos Soler initially wanted to extend on the long term with the Spanish club. This Monday, the young talent wanted to make a big update on the conditions of his departure.

PSG: Soler empties his bag on his d

Carlos Soler has settled accounts with Valencia.

At the end of the last summer transfer window, Paris Saint-Germain secured the services of midfielder Carlos Soler from FC Valence for 18 million euros. Seduced by the Parisian project, the 25-year-old talent initially had another plan in mind for his career.

And annoyed by the critics since his departure, the Spanish international has decided to make a big update on the conditions of this operation.

Soler wanted to extend in the long term

Because before joining PSG, Soler spoke for a long time with Valencia for an extension of his contract, which expired in June 2023. And for his part, the Iber really wanted to project himself in the long term within the current 9th of the League. In the end, I was asking for a long-term contract because I wanted to be tied down for most of my life. From 25 to 33, 34 or 35, to be tied to Valencia all my life. The club has a philosophy and does not want to make contracts of more than six years. I thought differently and the club never came close to what I was asking for in terms of years and that deal didn’t go through.he told SuperDeporte on Monday.

What I would have liked is a long-term contract, of eight, nine or ten years. In Spain, it’s allowed and that’s what I asked the club in this sense. They didn’t tell me. I can’t blame them either, it’s their decision, if they didn’t see it that way, it’s like that.relativized the Spaniard, who also insisted on his joy at launching a new challenge in Paris.

Valencia had the opportunity to retain him…

However, before giving the green light to PSG, Soler still offered Valencia a final chance. But the proposal of its former leaders did not evolve… In fact, in the last weeks of this market, I went to talk to Gattuso, also Layhoon, to ask them if there was going to be a change or if, definitely, since I didn’t want to leave for free, I should look for a door of exit. He told me I had to talk to Peter and at the end, on the last day of the market, when the offer from Paris was ready, they sent me their offer and it was the same as the last one. They made an effort, but the conditions were not what I wanted, nor close, and there was no margin, he judged. A boon for Paris, which was able to secure the services of a promising element at an affordable cost.

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