Real-Frankfurt: new technology to detect offside, the other star of the Supercup final

A small technological revolution will take place this Wednesday evening during the European Super Cup between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt. For the first time in the history of European football, the refereeing corps will be helped by “semi-automated” offside detection technology, we explain.

It is intended to be seamless and semi-automatic and will aim to help the VAR team determine offside situations more accurately and faster than before. This new technology is based on 12 cameras placed around the pitch that will follow 29 different points on each player’s bodyand that 50 times per second in order to be able to locate each actor precisely in space. Added to this, there is also a sensor placed in the ball which will send data 500 times per second to know when the ball was kicked.

The data collected will be transmitted almost in real time to the video arbitration assistance unit. All this information will therefore allow the VAR teams to know perfectly well whether a player is in an offside position or not when the ball leaves, but the final decision will always rest with the referee himself. Logical, since “IThe technology can draw a line but the assessment of interference with play or with an opponent remains in the hands of the referee“, remember Pierluigi Collinathe head of refereeing within FIFA.

3D animations could be projected on stadium screens to help the public understand their decisions.

This new technology must be used from the group stage of the Champions League next September and during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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