Recovering from the 2022 bear market with Zompot and Ethereum

While many are going into a bearish rally and trying to pick out what’s left of the crash, a handful are wondering what the next move should be. As tempting as it may be to pull back, the market has never been in such an opportunistic state, offering newcomers a chance to side with a cryptocurrency with potential long-term gains.

When the question of which one should be chosen arises, Ethereum (ETH) is an obvious option. Its fame alone speaks volumes, as does its potential, however, word on the street is that Zompot (ZPOT) could be just as fast, if not faster. The new face comes with a lot more special features and if you want to know more, keep reading.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a widely known decentralized blockchain with an open-source structure, with a cryptocurrency of its own. It functions as a platform for several other cryptocurrencies and can be used for the execution of decentralized smart contracts. With eight co-founders working on blockchain, Ethereum was officially launched in 2015, powered by a goal of developing into a global platform for using decentralized applications, enabling users around the world to create and operate software that is resistant to fraud, censorship, and downtime.

A major innovation of the platform was the design of an ecosystem that enabled smart contracts to be executed, and according to one of the co-founders Gavin Wood, it was built to be “one computer for the whole planet”. . Along with its ETH utility token, the platform also hosts other cryptocurrencies, applying its ERC-20 compatibility standard. ETH has a market capitalization of over $149 billion and currently resides as the second largest digital currency.

Zompot (ZPOT) is a system based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure, with the aim of providing users with safe and multi-option asset opportunities. Zompot’s token was developed and launched on a stable, reliable blockchain with low transaction fees. The platform is seen as a practical application derived from sound strategy and planning, with the aim of protecting users’ assets against inflation, as well as fast and secure transactions and flexibility of use. Based on the whitepaper, the platform is compatible with the metaverse, offering to be the “most trusted solution on the blockchain” for customers/users.

Zompot plans to give assistance to businessmen who have found themselves negatively affected by the traditional financial sector and will offer support to start a business in the metaverse. Zompot’s token (ZPOT) was made with blockchain technology to tackle issues related to the instability of the crypto market, committing to address security and privacy issues by providing users with a transparent version of their transactions. In the whitepaper, ZPOT stated that transactions executed on the platform will weigh less than 1 kb and take less than 6 ms to verify.

ZPOT can be used to exchange value between two parties, independent of any third parties, making the transaction much more flexible and censorship-resistant. Users are offered a 10% bonus during the presale if the Zompot token is purchased with ETH (Ethereum) and 14% if purchased with BNB (Binance).


In a world where most believe that time is money, it is essential to side with coins that reduce transaction procession moments and offer you increased assets simultaneously. ETH has already proven to be an ideal example and ZPOT claims to encompass this quality as well. Worth it, don’t you agree?

Zompot (ZPOT)




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