Recruitment Notice: Information Technology Assistant

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) is a public health management consulting and research organization dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities around the world for the past forty years. JSI is currently seeking an Information Technology Advisor in Burkina Faso for the USAID-funded Global Health Information System and Data Use (CHISU) Cooperative Agreement. This is a full-time position located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

CHISU is a project designed to strengthen the capacity of the host country to produce high-quality health information, to optimally manage this information and to institutionalize evidence-based decision-making. The project works with host country health officials, health workers, and other USAID-supported stakeholders to strengthen the enabling environment for health information management and strategic planning in order to improve harmonization of fragmented information systems, reduce duplication of data collection, and improve monitoring and tracking of a country’s health trends and priorities.

The Officer will work closely with the Senior Technical Advisor providing support to the local Burkina Faso team, the HQ team and the country Ministry of Health to help ensure that CHISU is operating effectively in the areas project support. The Program Officer will work under the supervision of the CHISU Resident Advisor in Burkina Faso.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Information Technology Assistant based at the CHISU office will be responsible for maintaining and updating the DHIS2 application as well as developing applications based on DHIS2 and other related software. He/She will ensure the development and national deployment of the “One Health” integrated surveillance system and the COVID-19 data management system based on DHIS2.

He/She will have to build the capacities of the staff of the Ministry of Health, more specifically the Directorate of Health Information Systems (DSIS), the Directorate of Sector Statistics (DSS), the departments of epidemiological surveillance, Directorate of protection of the health of the population (DPSP), and the Department of protection of the population through vaccination (DPV), as well as the IT systems departments of the other ministries (Animal resources, Agriculture, environment).

His specific responsibilities will include but should not be limited to:

Manage the District Health Information Software (DHIS2) and any other tool used as part of the “One Health” platform and their deployment at community, district, regional and central levels (information system project management, documentation, communication, organization and monitoring of deployment);

- Develop additional DHIS2 modules (applications) according to the needs identified when using the DHIS2 application (Anomaly management, correction, development);

- Provide technical assistance to data managers in the use of the software;

- Contribute to software quality assurance through testing and validation processes;

- Participate as a trainer in training for potential users of the application;

- Update training modules;

- Implement the capacity building plan for DHIS2 data managers;

- Provide technical support on issues related to information technology;

- Participate in the preparation of reports required by the project;

- Assist in the implementation of other CHISU IT projects

3. Qualifications required for effective performance

A. Education:

Master’s degree or equivalent in one of the following disciplines is required: Computer Science, Information Science, Health Information Management; Software engineering, or Health Information System.

B. Previous work experience:

• At least five years of experience in health information system design, development, implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance is required.

• Two additional years of experience as an information technology project manager is required.

• Practical experience in the development and use of database systems and other information management tools and mechanisms

• Theoretical and practical knowledge of database development as well as experience in the development and maintenance of databases and information systems.

• At least two years of experience adapting and deploying DHIS2 at the national level

• At least two years of experience adapting and deploying an epidemiological surveillance tool

• Experience in data management

• Experience in the hospital information system and the management of electronic patient records is a plus

• Experience in training adults in the use and maintenance of information systems including analysis and application development is strongly desired

• Experience in requirements assessment, user requirements analysis and development of software specifications.

• Experience in project management and coordination

• Strong knowledge of information management tools and mechanisms and mechanisms is desirable.

• Knowledge of GIS is desirable

• Experience in web-based mapping application development is desirable

• Experience in monitoring and evaluation and evolution is desirable

• Experience in public health is a plus.

E. Job Knowledge:

The tenderer should have in-depth knowledge of application development, software application life cycle methodology, project management and information technology. Good professional aptitude for teamwork, planning, organizing and leading multidisciplinary teams and project activities.

Good knowledge of health services information system, information systems technologies and application, response to COVID-19 and vaccination against COVID-19, management activities and the health system of the host country is a plus.

F. Skills and Abilities:

• Hands-on experience in software development and programming using relational database systems (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MS Access or any RDBMS platform), programming language (Java, JavaScript , Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

• Ability to understand current information and communication technologies, mobile and wireless technologies, concepts of stand-alone and web-based applications, standard concept and free software standards, methodologies software development and public health environment. Ability to manage a software development project, from requirements analysis and requirements gathering to the maintenance phase. Ability to have a long-term vision, to develop strategies, to anticipate problems, and to develop alternative plans.

• Strong oral communication skills are required to develop and maintain an effective and lasting working relationship with the Department, national and international working partners. Good writing skills are required to produce regular progress reports on the various activities of the SIS. Good leadership skills are required to function independently with limited direct supervision in managing day-to-day activities and leading teams and work groups.

- Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team;

- Fluent in French and working knowledge of English will be a key asset.

Salary: To be determined, based on experience.

Start date: October 1, 2022

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