Schneider-Torc Robotics agreement to advance self-driving truck technology

The American carrier Schneider has entered into an agreement with the firm Torc Robotics to test its level 4 autonomous driving systems for heavy goods vehicles.

Under the agreement, Schneider will entrust cargo shipments to the self-driving truck fleet of Torc, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck.

(Photo: Torc Robotics)

The pilot program is expected to collect data to advance the development and commercialization of self-driving trucks in long-haul applications.

Michael Fleming, founder and CEO of Torc, says he is delighted with the partnership since, he says, Schneider has an open approach to innovation and is a leader in the transportation industry.

Schneider executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Rob Reich, said he sees great potential in Torc’s autonomous trucking technology to improve efficiency and lower transportation costs.

“Schneider is pleased to provide Torc with the industry knowledge and operational expertise needed to maximize the potential of self-driving trucks,” Reich said.

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