Sébastien Vigier in gold in the individual sprint at the European Championships, Rayan Helal in bronze

The French track cycling team is still doing just as well at the European Championships in Munich. After their silver medal in the team sprint on Friday, Sébastien Vigier and Rayan Helal respectively took gold and bronze in the individual on Sunday.

At the end of the afternoon, the semi-finals first gave way to two Franco-British duels. If the first was won by Jack Carlin against Rayan Helal, after the latter’s downgrading, the second saw the victory of Sébastien Vigier who, as in his quarter-final on Saturday, had to fight until the end of the third inning to beat Hamish Turnbull.

Opposed in the final to the crusher of his teammate in the semis, Sébastien Vigier once again lost the first round, finding himself forced to win the last two. But, like the mental resources demonstrated throughout his career, the Habs pulled away to take the second set, before easily affording the third.

This is Le Palaisien’s second title on the event, after his coronation in 2017 in Berlin. For the bronze, Rayan Helal imposed himself without trembling against Hamish Turnbull, from the second round.

Big winner of the 100% French duel

In the women’s category, after respectively beating Poland’s Nikola Sibiak and Urszula Los in the round of 16, Mathilde Gros and Marie-Divine Kouamé faced each other in the quarter-finals of the individual sprint tournament. And, as expected, Mathilde Gros used her experience to overcome her compatriot and qualify for the semi-finals. The Habs will play their place in the final on Monday, starting at 3:45 p.m.


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