SilkRoad Technology Adds Entelo SaaS Candidate Search and Recruitment Marketing Technology

Robert Tsao appointed Chairman and CEO of SilkRoad Technology

CHICAGO, August 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SilkRoad Technology, the global onboarding leader, with support from HighBar Partners, adds Entelo’s candidate search and recruitment marketing technology to its capabilities. This technology will immediately complement SilkRoad’s best-in-class talent acquisition solutions to deliver end-to-end holistic experiences from source to onboarding to retirement. Additionally, with these new features, SilkRoad will equip organizations with enterprise solutions that deliver unparalleled candidate sourcing, marketing, candidate management, onboarding and mobility capabilities, dramatically improving the speed of hiring, retention, engagement and contribution.

An end-to-end, best-in-class talent acquisition solution

Today’s talent economy requires dynamic approaches to talent acquisition and employee experience. Changing employee preferences and increased competition in the talent market are forcing organizations to re-evaluate how they leverage strategy and technology to better find, hire and retain talent. Given the scarcity of talent, modern organizations will need to change their traditional hiring perspective of finding the exact experience they need, and instead hire based on the skills and potential of candidates and get the experience. through training.

To adapt to our new world of work, HR must strategically expand beyond traditional approaches to talent acquisition and instead prioritize continuous and focused engagement throughout the entire hiring experience, from candidate to new. recruit, which converts and retains in-demand talent. The addition of candidate sourcing and recruiting marketing capabilities complements the recruiting and onboarding strengths of SilkRoad Technology, to create a true end-to-end, best-in-class talent acquisition platform, helping clients intelligently find, attract, retain and align talent with their business. This will give customers the ability to:

  • Develop talent strategies that respond to the present moment. Cutting-edge technology combined with strategic best practices creates a true end-to-end solution, which delivers capabilities across the talent acquisition and employee lifecycle, ensuring world-class, engagement-rich experiences, that lead to better results for the business.

  • Find and convert in-demand talent, especially from underrepresented groups. Clients will be able to accelerate their time-to-hire by quickly identifying, finding, interviewing, hiring and onboarding candidates from underrepresented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity and alumni status combatant, in order to achieve the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Identify and engage high caliber talent pools with on-demand talent campaigns while building brand awareness, relationships and interest in vacancies. With this offering, clients will be equipped to create unique talent pools that meet industry and role requirements and organizational strategy, to execute personalized and branded outreach campaigns that drive 3x measurable success. than the industry average for candidate engagement.

  • Deliver world-class onboarding experiences that reduce time to productivity, retention and engagement. Clients will be able to send dynamic offers to convert top talent; launch the pre-integration; and foster acculturation, interpersonal relationships, engagement and strategic immersion throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Gain visibility into the ROI and impact of talent acquisition strategies, with end-to-end insights to inform better hiring decisions. Clients will get an end-to-end view of the value of talent acquisition strategies and their impact on business outcomes, such as revenue performance, employee lifetime value, and retention.

SilkRoad customers will have the ability to support the full spectrum of talent acquisition and the employee lifecycle with a single technology provider. SilkRoad will continue to innovate to meet customer expectations in the future, through improved software and services.

Robert Tsao appointed Chairman and CEO of SilkRoad Technology

As part of the transaction, Robert Tsao has been appointed CEO of SilkRoad Technology, effective immediately.

Robert Tsao has been CEO of Entelo since 2020. Previously, he served as chief product officer and vice president of strategic operations at Jobvite, and senior director of corporate strategy at Taleo, among other leadership roles. At Taleo, Robert was responsible for the company’s long-term strategy and financial planning, which led to its successful acquisition by Oracle. He has over 20 years of experience leading strategies, scaling operations and raising capital for SaaS companies in Silicon Valley.

News Comments

“I am delighted to work alongside HighBar Partners for the next phase of growth for SilkRoad Technology,” said Robert Tsao, CEO of SilkRoad Technology. “SilkRoad’s offerings create a true set of best-in-class thought leadership and capabilities across much of the talent acquisition continuum. SilkRoad is positioned to immediately improve its clients’ ability to navigate the intricacies of our new world of work, and enable them to deftly navigate their employer value proposition and their effectiveness in the face of increased competition in the job market. talents. I look forward to developing new capabilities to deliver strategic new talent acquisition and mobility offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations. »

“Candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing capabilities will help our customers better compete in the most competitive and dynamic talent market in recent history,” said Lilith Christiansen, Chief Experience Officer of SilkRoad Technology. . “Clients need new, proactive strategies to reach, convert and onboard high-caliber talent with precision and agility. With these new capabilities, SilkRoad will be well positioned to improve the impact of talent acquisition strategies amid change and disruption through intentionally designed, branded and contextual experiences, from search to onboarding. talent through retirement. »

“HighBar is delighted to continue to support the growth and profitability of SilkRoad,” said John Kim, co-founder and managing partner of HighBar Partners. “SilkRoad’s enhanced talent acquisition offerings, expertise and vision position the company in a strategic position to drive meaningful change, so companies can acquire, onboard and retain talent as they go. and where they need it most. The breadth and depth of SilkRoad’s offerings brings a new opportunity to provide end-to-end visibility into the effectiveness of talent management strategy on business results. »

About SilkRoad Technology

Since 2003, SilkRoad has set the standard for talent acquisition innovation with scalable, configurable brand experiences that attract, retain and align talent with their business. SilkRoad delivers personalized employee experiences to drive engagement across the entire employment lifecycle, and enable measurable and improved business results. To learn more, visit

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