Sony launches technology to recognize altered photos

Sony has just launched a feature to prevent photo theft and tampering.

In the age of misinformation and deepfake, creative tech giants are looking for solutions to ensure the authenticity of content. Indeed, Adobe had inserted a history of credits and modifications in the files. To know if an element has been retouched. And now sony presents its anti-counterfeiting technology integrated into some of its cameras.

This new feature will show signs of editing or theft in all affected photos. The parameter is called the mode “signature integrated into the camera”. It consists of applying a unique cryptographic signature to each image at the time it is taken.

“Any modification of a pixel, any alteration, any potential fraud will invalidate the signature of the image, and the client’s certification server will detect the manipulation during its examination”.

A feature for professionals

Signed photos can always be modified. But the technology will make it easier to detect unwanted changes. For now this feature will be prioritized for industries that may need it the most. This means that it is currently only offered to professional users.

Sony believes the tool will be most useful for verifying passports and photo IDs, as well as detecting “the manipulation of images in the fields of media, medicine and law enforcement”. The insurance and construction industries could also rely on this feature to spot fraudulent activity.

Given the broader implications of the feature, these signatures will be “multilingual and can be used internationally”, explains Yasuo Baba, director of digital imaging and European product marketing at Sony, who adds that standardization will allow companies “to streamline mandatory image signing globally. »

For now, the feature is reserved for the Sony Alpha 7 IV. Business users interested in this tool will also need to request a license to access the feature.


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