Google Assistant welcomes new features for children: ready for “parental controls”

Important news from Google. The Mountain View giant has indeed decided to implement new options in its voice assistant in order to make the interaction between it and the children safer. Considering that the little ones tend more and more to use the devices shared by their families, the company has decided to develop a … Read more

Inflation has already hit tech and prices could rise further

Technological products, the beautiful ones, that we love, that have all the latest innovations and functionalities, are expensive. They always have been. Complaining about the prices of new Apple devices hardly makes the news, and even top-end Android has always gone up in price. But what we are experiencing now is different. For several months, … Read more

Ahold Delhaize becomes shareholder of advertising technology company Adhese

The Dutch company is committed to accelerating investment in developing scalable digital advertising capabilities so its brands can build deeper relationships with their customers, both online and offline, she explains. “Investment in Adhese is part of this desire to provide buyers with transparent, highly personalized and relevant experiences and promotions.” Albert Heijn will take the … Read more

Thanks to the latest Google experience, you can dedicate yourself to meditation

Yesterday, October 10, the “World Mental Health Day” was celebrated. For the occasion, Google Arts & Culture Lab, in collaboration with “Johns Hopkins International + Mind Lab” and “Wellbeing Lab”, published on YouTube a digital wellness experience entitled “Rhythm of Nature”, inspired by the “Carl Linné” floral clock. He was a famous 18th century botanist … Read more

Mollie’s weekly e-commerce tip: #4 optimize your technology – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff. Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber ​​Monday (November 28) started in the United States and have become two unmissable days in Belgium. The figures show that small retailers saw their Cyber ​​Monday 2020 sales increase … Read more

Digital security and generations – ESET NetProtect offers the solution – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff. The younger a generation, the earlier they were likely introduced to technology. Older generations may have become familiar with technology later in life, but with their life experiences they may have approached the use of … Read more

Apple collects far less data about you than Google

There are several major players in the tech world right now and the two biggest that come to mind are Apple and Google. But they are not alone: ​​even the big names in social networks, such as Meta and Twitter, play an important role. These entities have in common the interaction with our devices, smartphones, … Read more

Lap of the Future – Stage 1: Soren Waerenskjold 1st – News

Soren Waerenskjold (Norway) won, this Friday, the first stage of the Tour de l’Avenir (Nations Hopes Cup), disputed around La-Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) over a distance of 121.6 kilometers. He beat Sebastian Kolze Changizi (Denmark) and Samuel Watson (Great Britain).Soren Waerenskjold grabs the yellow jersey. Unofficial classification of the 1st stage:1. Soren WAERENSKJOLD (Norway) 2. Sebastian Kolze … Read more

Tour de l’Avenir – Prelude: Ranking – News

The Netherlands won, this Thursday, the prelude to the Tour de l’Avenir (Coupe des Nations Espoirs), a team prologue contested in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) over a distance of 3.9 kilometers. Norway and Great Britain complete the podium.Loe van Belle becomes the first wearer of the leader’s yellow jersey. Note that this prelude will not count … Read more

the technology exists in Belgium… but it comes at a cost!

Published on 08/18 at 06:40 By Benoit Jacquemart The technology exists, it is even sold, but for the moment, only one car model makes it possible to use this possibility which should interest many owners of photovoltaic panels, and not only them. *************** **** **** *** ******* *********** *** ** * **** ***** *** ** … Read more