Danish-funded Garment Technology Factory Opened in An Giang | Economy

The Specter An Giang Garment Technology Factory. Photo: VNA An Giang (VNA) – The Specter An Giang garment technology factory, with a Danish investment of 253 billion dong (nearly 11 million dollars), was just inaugurated on Friday, September 30 in the industrial zone of Binh Hoa , Châu Thành district, An Giang province (Mekong delta). … Read more

Vietnam is making rapid progress in the application of AI | Science

Illustration photo: VNA Hanoi (VNA) – Appropriate application of technology along with talent and human resource development can be the key to helping Vietnam accelerate its digital transformation. Digital transformation has been a familiar “key word” in recent years, with many companies in Vietnam realizing the importance and quickly joining the transformation process. At the … Read more

Mollie’s weekly e-commerce tip: #4 optimize your technology – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff. Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber ​​Monday (November 28) started in the United States and have become two unmissable days in Belgium. The figures show that small retailers saw their Cyber ​​Monday 2020 sales increase … Read more

PHILO / Michel Onfray: Technology is inherent to humans, like death there is no need to be afraid of it, it is advancing towards us

We invited him, he replied within an hour that he was ready, we looked at each other, we thought the same thing: it’s a scam! Michel Onfray had his mailbox hacked. Then we landed, we revived him and the conversation has never been broken until this day. September 20, 2022, 3 p.m. he arrives at … Read more

Blockchain technology promises to promote the wave of investment and innovation in Vietnam | Economy

Illustration photo: businessyield Hanoi (VNA) – Blockchain technology can help Vietnam generate a wave of investment and innovation. This was pointed out by some experts during the seminar “Using the power of Blockchain to promote the wave of investment and innovation in Vietnam”, organized recently by Binance at Station F in Paris, the largest incubator … Read more

Digital security and generations – ESET NetProtect offers the solution – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff. The younger a generation, the earlier they were likely introduced to technology. Older generations may have become familiar with technology later in life, but with their life experiences they may have approached the use of … Read more

Apple collects far less data about you than Google

There are several major players in the tech world right now and the two biggest that come to mind are Apple and Google. But they are not alone: ​​even the big names in social networks, such as Meta and Twitter, play an important role. These entities have in common the interaction with our devices, smartphones, … Read more

More than 20% of agricultural products will apply high technology by 2025 | Economy

Illustration photo: VNA Hanoi (VNA) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development expects more than 20 percent of agricultural products to apply high technology by 2025. The target will help boost the productivity growth rate of the work in agriculture, forestry and fishing up to 8% on average per year. According to the ministry, … Read more