Telex: Sage seizes Lockstep, Google Cloud closes IoT Core service, Hackers extort the wrong target

– Sage grabs Lockstep. The accounting solutions publisher has announced the acquisition of the American company Lockstep. It offers a cloud platform to network more than 40 different accounting solutions. Sage will therefore use this platform to expand its offer for SMEs and SMIs. He also gets his hands on a large client portfolio with nearly 26,000 references. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

– Google Cloud closes the IoT Core service. A small banner on the service’s website and an email sent to customers warn of the discontinuation of this management offer for connected objects in the cloud on August 16, 2023. The supplier did not give any specific explanations on the reasons. of this interruption. AWS and Microsoft also offer similar offerings. The profitability of this service was also in question at a time when the company is still showing losses related to its investments. In any case, Google Cloud specifies that it will help customers migrate to partner solutions within a maximum of one year.

– Hackers extort the wrong target. The Clop ransomware group has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack against British water utility Thames Water. He explained that he had access to the company’s SCADA systems and exfiltrated 5 GB of data. Only problem, it is not about the good company. Indeed, at the same time, South Staffordshire Water, another British water manager communicated on a cyberattack. In the publication of the samples of data exfiltrated by the Clop group, the email addresses relate to South Staffordshire Water.

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