The 3 NFT tokens to have absolutely in your wallet for the year 2022

While the NFT are more and more adopted by the general public and that the projects are more and more numerous, some projects stand out and create their own token. This is the case of the project Bored Ape which recently created its token (APE). There are also other equally interesting collections from a design and speculative.

The NFT projects to have absolutely in your wallet in 2022

While the crypto market and the NFT market has been at its lowest for some time, the opportunities have never been greater to acquire tokens from the main NFT projects in your wallet. Let’s see together the 3 tokens to get absolutely before a new hype.

The Bored Ape project and its APE token

Its APE token is based on its community, which means that its value is correlated to the increase in people joining it. Currently, the size of the community keeps growingit is therefore a token that it is interesting to have in your own wallet.

The Axie Infinity project and its AXS token

This project currently has more than 2.8 million daily players and over $3.6 billion in transactions of its AXS token. Also, the project Axie Infinity should receive very important updates in the near future. It is therefore a token to follow closely and interesting to obtain.

The CashFi project and its CFI token

The CashFi project and its CFI token makes it possible to highlight the different benefits of peer-to-peer NFTs around the world with great confidence and excellent security. It is also a token to follow and obtain.

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